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Hulk Hogan Compares Pandemic with Biblical Plagues: We Need ‘Personal Revival’ More Than a Vaccine


By Jeannie Law
Christian Post Reporter|
WWE legend Hulk Hogan compared the worldwide pandemic to the “plagues of Egypt.”
“In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship,” Hogan stated on Instagram.
“God said: ‘You want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centres. You want to worship actors, I will shut down theatres…’”
The Hall of Famer told his 1.5 million followers that he believes the COVID-19 crisis is also punishing those who “worship money” and it’s why the economy is collapsing. He said churches are shut down as a way to wake up all of those who don’t want to go to church.

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