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Clergy and Community Oppose the Sale of Baldwin Hills Mall to CIM



LOS ANGELES—Leaders of the Baptist Ministers Conference (BMC) of Los Angeles, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), National Action Network (NAN), Los Angeles and a coalition of community groups in South Los Angeles recently hosted a rally and press conference on Thursday, May 7 adjacent to the Crenshaw Mall to  oppose the proposal by CIM group to purchase the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall and its proposal for its use.

The coalition said,  “This proposal adds no value to our community and we are formally launching our petition campaign against the CIM group.”

The petition is being launched to call attention and to stop what the coalition say is a takeover.

Pastor K.W. Tulloss, President of the BMC declares, “We oppose the proposed takeover by CIM and support the original project redesign by Capri Capital.  We stand with the community by opposing the proposed takeover of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall by CIM!  We want the housing, retail, and dine-in restaurants we were promised!”

“The current CIM proposal by Shaul Kuba, Co-Founder and Principal of CIM Group includes high-end commercial office space only.  The proposal does not include housing, retail, or dine-in restaurants.

The original  plans from Capri Capital which was submitted and received approval on the redesign project which included employment opportunities, affordable housing, dine-in restaurants, locally owned retail shops, and small minority owned businesses.  The plan was supported by many local residents, community groups and the local City Council Office.  Their concern also was that the proposal was drafted without input from members of the community who will be impacted the most by the upcoming development.

“CIM has demonstrated no respect towards our community and has not taken the necessary steps to create a plan that will benefit our community. The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall is a community treasure. We can’t allow someone who has little knowledge or respect for our community to take over this landmark  located on Martin Luther King and Crenshaw Blvd. We support Capri Capital’s proposal. Our community deserve the best,” said Pastor William Smart of SCLCLA.  “CIM hasn’t spoken or met with us to discuss their plans because they don’t have a finalized plan, just ideas that they want to bring to our     communities without our input.” “If this sale is approved as is, it will expand the gateway of gentrification, something our community has worked hard to prevent,”     stated civil rights activist Rev. Jonathan Moseley, President of NAN, Los Angeles, Rev. Al Sharpton Civil rights group.

Source: Baptist Ministers Conference, Rev K.W. Tulloss, President S.C.L.C. Pastor William Smart, President.
National Action Network Los Angeles, Rev. Johnathan Moseley, President


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