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The Lessons of Racism are Learned at Home

By Israel Matthews

Hello Readers!

I hope all of you are hanging in there and keeping strong. If you don’t know, this previous week was very interesting due to the         uprising in the “Black Lives Matter” Movement. There was a “blackout day” which took Social Media by storm. That whole day while I was scrolling through Instagram were photos of a black surface. That day represented the strength of the people and all the power we the people have. If you don’t know already there have been protests throughout America leaving a question to what’s going to happen next for the Black Community. Racism lurks in America. Its highly unfortunate blacks are assumed to be thieves because to be entirely honest to you we are not the thieves, we are the stolen ones. Black people were taken from their homeland decades ago and were enslaved to work for whites. We are not thieves. And to this day, there isn’t an even playing ground to succeed in life because of white privilege. Yes, I said it and I mean it to the bottom of my heart because it exists. Black people are more likely to get arrested than any other race in America. The fact that the majority of people in prison are Black. There is something up. I was watching a video the other day that interviewed little kids that are white and Latino. They were to answer the questions that the interviewer asked which they had to answer by pointing at a black doll or a white one. In one scene the interviewer asked the very young Caucasian girl, “Which doll is prettier?” The little Caucasian girl did not even hesitate to answer and immediately pointed at the white doll. In another interview, the interviewer asked another young girl but this time Latino, “Which doll is the Bully?” and without hesitation, she pointed at the black doll. Now this is a story by itself. These kids who were just learning to comprehend were already being stereotypical. These kids are being taught at their homes stuff that shouldn’t be put into their brains. If these kids hear it enough eventually they will be programmed to believe it. The moral of the story is that the lessons of racism all starts at home folks. Until next week stay safe and God bless.



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