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President Trump Free Roger Stone and Honor His Work To Pardon Marcus Garvey Help Free Libya and Haiti

Dr. Randy Short shakes Roger Stone

The news media pundits and commentators are all preparing for President Donald Trump to do the inevitable–fully pardon or commute the pending criminal 40-month prison sentence of long time friend and political savant Roger Stone. On the right end of the spectrum Stone is an all-American hero with Republican  rock star status going back nearly a half century. However, on the left-leaning divide in public opinion, Roger Stone is a gaudy, “dirty-trickster”, right-wing fixer who has been rightfully charged by D.C. Circuit federal judge Hon. Amy Berman Jackson for lying to Congress. Personally, I have a very different perspective of Roger Stone, for me he is a savvy political operator but I have gotten to know him based on his willingness to help others. Secondly, I sat through the arraignment, the entire trial , and appeal hearings of Roger Stone, and I did so in the capacity of a “spiritual advisor”.  Before anyone accuses me of being a sellout or headlines-hungry hack, I want to let people know that I came to know Roger while going through a personal valley. My friend and my  former pastor Congressional Black Caucus charter member Walter E. Fauntroy had been set up for an assassination in Libya in 2011, and I, having been on-the-ground with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney during the NATO destruction of Muammer Gaddafi’s Libyan Jamahariya aside from being exposed to depleted uranium, witnessed the onset of a genocidal program against Blacks in North Africa.

I turned to Roger Stone to bring attention to what I believed was a government-ordered assassination of a seminal civil rights leader. In my heart I blamed that damned Hillary Clinton that championed mass Black incarceration, nothing for Black folk welfare reform, and slandered Black men as “Super-predators” along with Joe Biden and others.  In the summer of 2016, I was introduced to Roger Stone in Manhattan, and I told him that there was sufficient evidence to support my belief that the Clinton State Department tried to have Rev. Fauntroy silenced in Benghazi and in Tripoli.  Further, I told Mr. Stone that I had Haitian roots and the pedophilia trafficking, human rights violating narco-trafficking regime in Port au Prince, and crony capitalism  in Haiti had been facilitated by the U.S. Special Envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the  Hillary Clinton-led  U. S. Department of State. Stone agreed with my assessment that if this kind of inflammatory information was shared with the wider public would reverse the floundering presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Mr. Stone  understood that the Clinton-inspired regime change in Libya had resulted in the mass murder and chattel enslavement of Blacks in Libya. Finally, I brought to Stone’s attention Hillary Clinton’s genocidal eugenics program via USAID that forced sub-Saharan nations to use the carcinogen and STD-infection enhancing Depo-Provera (DMPA) as the platform contraceptive drug for family planning, and that Clinton made assault helicopters and other previously sanctioned  combat weaponry be sold to the human rights violating government of Indonesia that has been  exterminating Black people in the illegally-occupied nation of West Papua since the 1950s. Unlike the Black Democrats that I had taken this same information, Roger Stone got busy, and, he even compensated me for my work.

Mr. Stone heard me out, and he used his influence to raise awareness about the suffering of Black people in Haiti, Libya, West Papua, and he extended his hand to the Fauntroy family when nobody else Black or white did. Aside from the international issues, Roger worked with me and others to pick key areas of social, cultural, and economic interests that he pushed for recognition by the Trump campaign. One sentimental issue for me as a affiliate of the African Orthodox Church founded by Marcus Garvey in 1921 was the need for my favorite Pan-African leader to receive a presidential pardon. Garvey was framed by the U.S. Intelligence Service in 1922 in a disgusting trial as filthy as the one inflicted upon Roger Stone. Again, Roger Stone researched Marcus Garvey and agreed to push for his pardon, and this was to be the start of many other Black political prisoners and victims of Jim Crow injustice to be be restored. The Mueller Investigation and other partisan schemes foiled many of the things that Roger Stone wanted to do to bridge the gap between Blacks tired of the Democrats and the dog-whistle-addicted Republicans.

Roger does not boast about the decent things that he has done. But some of these have been to the benefit of Black people, and when he is pardoned don’t be surprised if there is a major effort to make the drinking water in America–especially in Black communities–safe. He and I have been plotting how to force this issue to get the lead, fluoride, and manganese out of the drinking water of Black Americans. I must tell you that nearly twenty years ago Roger Stone, after receiving sufficient information regarding the injustice and racial disparities of the War on Drugs, became a vocal advocate against mass incarceration, vocal advocate for the decriminalization of  marijuana to tamp down on the targeting of Black men, and a potent fundraiser for political figures running for office that made criminal justice reform part of their platform. New York State’s  draconian Rockefeller Laws rank among the foundational public policy to mass incarcerate Black men, and despite what CNN and others will tell you about Roger Stone his raising millions of dollars to fight against these laws has helped push the movement to free our people to the forefront. I know Roger Stone to be a modern-day Jacob. Stone’s real crime is finding the fissures within voting blocks. I sat through the trial staring at the biased jury, and the one thing the jury was never allowed to hear was Stone’s efforts to help Black people. To this day nobody has ever asked why President Obama and others suddenly allowed Walter Fauntroy to return to the US in late 2016. I know why. Roger Stone was about to drop a political bomb on the Clinton campaign that would have cost her innumerable Black votes. Roger is the kind of Republican that Blacks got tangibles from.

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  1. Edgar GRIFFITH on July 11, 2020 at 5:40 am

    Put your black vote and trust in a man who knows a man who is trusted by the president and has his ear and has Proved he has black issues as a human concern… America must embrace and vote this time for those empowered to help them not those who in the past locked them up and voted bills to harm them….VOTE SMART

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