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Roger Stone, Accused of Calling KFI’s Radio Host Mo’Kelly a “Negro”, Speaks To The Black Press


By Gloria Zuurveen

My oh my,  it’s getting hot in here. The mainstream and social media have been burning up lately with  Roger Stone, a confidant and former advisor to President  Donald J. Trump, and his alleged calling KFI’s radio host Morris Mo’Kelly a “Negro” as a guest on his show recently. Stone denies that he called Mo’Kelly any such thing and that he has no racism in him.

As the founder and CEO of PACE NEWS, a Black woman-owned legally adjudicated print and online newspaper since 1995 in Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I wanted to speak directly to Mr. Stone so I called up a mutual friend who knows Mr. Stone and who even sat in the courtroom daily  to  witnessed the trial whereby Mr. Stone was convicted for lying to Congress and witness tampering and subsequently granted clemency by President Trump. Dr. Short was more than helpful in making the connection for me to interview Mr. Stone.

Mr. Stone did you have any idea that your interview with Mo’Kelly would have been so contentious?

Morris W. O’Kelly aka “Mo’ Kelly” has ascended to the race-hoax fake news Pantheon hall of fame with Jussie Smollett,  Morton Downy, Susan Smith, Charles Stewart, Jesse Anderson, Sherry Hall and Bubba Wallace. Once I produce the evidence, I know every fair-minded individual will hear and see that the Mo’ Kelly show which I was recorded on a Thursday and which aired on a Saturday was a spliced-together-hit-job fabrication. A total of forty-seconds of the show that the New York Times reported represented my “stunned silence” occurred when Kelly’s engineers cut-off my audio feed. The New York Times  asserts that I used the racial slur “Negro” in reference to Mo’ Kelly who is a Black American; however, this is false and I am the victim of being libeled. The public needs to know that I have done interviews at Los Angeles Station KFI 640 AM an ultra-liberal media outlet, and according to audio engineer experts that I retained to analyze what happened contend that the original preexisting interview audio was adulterated by person having access to the interview based on the background noise. If I had insulted Kelly as he insists why are the last three segments so cordial that I would describe it as him “brown nosing me” I elected to be a guest on the show because a previous interview with Mr. Kelly which largely focused on my opposition to the racist war on drugs had been quite friendly. I guess I should have known that Kelly was infected with Trump-derangement syndrome. I hope Kelly is enjoying his 15 minutes.

Mr. Stone, What do you think Mo’Kelly’s motivation was to allege that you called him a “Negro”?

It is an article of faith among all leftists who opposed Donald Trump that all of his supporters are racists. Anyone who understands my work within the Reagan administration to (unsuccessfully) persuade the president to extend the Voting Rights Act, my continued support for the Nixon administration policy of Affirmative Action, my 30-year opposition to the ignominious and racist War on Drugs which has disproportionally incarcerated non-violent African-Americans and other people of color, my work with Congressman Jack Kemp to make Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday a National Holiday, or that I was vocal in my opposition to New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” racial profiling policies for which I took much heat from my conservative brethren but I just don’t think it’s right that citizens should be searched just because of their skin color.  My efforts to help repeal New York State’s repressive Rockefeller Laws wherein I raised millions of dollars to halt the mass incarceration of primarily Black men, my substantial financial support for Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, my longtime advocacy for a posthumous pardon for Marcus Garvey and my current efforts to get a pardon for eighty-five year old Abraham Bolden, the first White House African-American Secret-Service agent who was railroaded into prison by the FBI when he refused to lie about certain details regarding the Kennedy Assassination based on his assignment to protect the President during his trip to Chicago just prior to JFK meeting his fate in Dallas all speak to my being a person that believes in justice and fair play for everyone—inclusive of Black Americans regardless of whether it is popular or not. We are all of one blood and share the same Creator.

Mr. Stone is right when he say we are all one blood and share the same Creator. Just recenly I dug up an article which was given to me by the late Dr. Samuel Shack, PhD, MD, who was an Emeritus Professor at  Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science,  the Los Angeles Times article written by Robert-Lee Hotz entitled “Seeking the Parents of Us All” dated Monday, May 28, 2001, it said, “In what is perhaps the most extensive paternity test ever conducted, researchers in China and the United States recently determined that the men of East Asia could all trace their ancestry to forefathers who lived in Africa 35,000 to 89,000 years ago.” “An equally sweeping survey of male DNA drawn from Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas also suggests that the founding fathers of all humankind today emerged relatively recently from Africa,” said Lee Hotz.

Mr. Stone continued,  There are extremist people who hate the president and they figure if they can make me some sort of racist this impugns and indicts Donald Trump of harboring the same feelings. Prior to entering politics in 2016, Donald Trump nor his friends and associates had to endure so many accusations of being racists by the same people that think that the solution to the racial dilemma in America is mass abortion, mass incarceration, and open borders. Rest assured, biased fake news reporters and crazed leftists have neither the knowledge nor the desire to report my views on Civil Rights, and they would prefer to wish away my strong personal and professional relationships among African-Americans. Nonetheless,  Kelly’s vitriolic effort was to unfairly pin the racist label on me, and the truth is depending on your readers and others to go beyond dissension-mongering headlines.

After looking further into the matter with Mo’Kelly and KFI’s newsroom and its lack of diversity, I was interested in finding out from Mr. Stone if he was familiar with tokenism or the Boule’ among Blacks and its leadership. I asked him if he was familiar with the Boule’ or did he have any idea that such an entity existed among Black people?

Until recently, I was unfamiliar with the term but it has always been clear to me that there were some in the Black community who would undermine the interests of their own people in order to accumulate power and money for themselves. I have long admired the late Congressman John Lewis, Rev. C.T. Vivian, and Charles Evers three icons of the Black community for their courageous actions on Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge and in the Mississippi Delta. Sadly, whereas Vivian and Evers worked with anyone interested in improving the lot of Black people their colleague John Lewis and others like him have neglected African Americans serving a token few and clinging to the apron strings of the Democratic Party that neglects and abuses their most loyal voter base. The valiant and fearless John Lewis, of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee who fought for Civil Rights and Voting rights in the 1960s, lost much of his moral, social, and political capital functioning as a servile and total partisan Democrat-or-die militant. John Lewis and Maxine Waters were the congressional his and her strong arm that helped secure passage of Biden Crime Bill that destroyed millions of Black lives. Further, this dynamic duo of mass incarceration profess to be servant leaders of Blacks while aggressively opposing President  Donald Trump’s criminal justice reforms, Pell Grant and educational funding reforms, and other Black-friendly policy efforts to stabilize Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Lewis, Waters, and other important Black Americans attack President Trump and any other Republican that comes forward with an agenda to help Blacks— even though these initiatives are designed to greatly benefit African-Americans. If the Boule’ is the governing force that guides and directs the masses of some 45 million Black people in America, the gross disparities and the intense suffering, want, and pain rife among Black Americans for the last 50 years is proof that their leadership is either unable, unwilling, or disinterested in Black people making it to the Promised Land that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of in Mason’s Temple on April 3, 1968. I hope that thinking and forward-looking Black Americans take stock of their leaders and persons that profess to be their leaders, and they should demand that these produce. Secret Societies have sometimes been helpful in lifting people out of unbearable suffering and oppression. I am going to leave you with this question, “Has the Boule’ made life better for Black people over the last half century?” This is a question only Black people can answer. My record says that my hand remains extended to my brothers and sisters of every creed and color to make America better.

However, there is one Black American journalist who claims to be member of the Boule’ and he is  former CNN and TV One burnout  Roland Martin. Martin is the exemplar of the shoddy journalism that divides and amuses the masses but give them neither hope nor solutions. If Martin is actually a Boule’ member, he fits the bill because all he ever did on CNN was sell Black people short and feign that he was someone serious about helping bring about change. His insensitivity is notorious and he actually did some kind of afish two-step dance to celebrate the FBI raid on my home. He made a buffoon of himself.

Mr. Stone it appears that you have been through a host of innuendo and libelous accusations what does it feel like to be treated like hunted prey, and has your experience heightened your personal sensitivity to the serious inequities and excessive overreach of the criminal justice system in America?

Nothing educates you about a problem better than experiencing it yourself, but, I was well aware of the fact that the number of drug related incarcerations soared when the 1994 Biden Bill passed. I knew this fell disproportionately on Black people.  The Biden Bill increased rate of incarceration among Black women by 1,100%. I remember—even if others have forgotten— that former Governor William “Bill” Clinton went all the way to the US Supreme Court to give Arkansas state police the legal right to racially profile Black Arkansans.  This 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s posturing as an advocate for Civil Rights is an absurd lie. Biden’s aggressive opposition to the racial integration of public schools in Wilmington, Delaware was the principle plank of his 1972 United States Senatorial election campaign that catapulted him into the nation’s preeminent legislative body. During Biden’s senatorial campaign, he said, “if the Wilmington schools were desegregated, it would be a jungle, and I don’t want my daughter going to school in a jungle.” Over the course of Biden’s long Senate career, he co-sponsored many of the most strident and anti-busing legislation with notorious veteran racial segregation and anti Civil Rights stalwarts including: Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi, Senator John Stennis of Mississippi, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, Senator Herman Talmadge of Georgia, and former Ku Klux Klan recruiter Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Joe Biden was a Senate supporter of the Sons of the Confederacy, and folks forget every racial gaffe and slip that he has made over the decades. People need to spend less time wanting someone like me to be a person with extreme racial hatred and identify and stop persons with a proven track record of using systemic and structural power to promote racism and white bigotry. Joe Biden has both the President and myself beat exponentially. By the way, nobody mentions that Joe Biden’s state of Delaware has a lynching problem, and his named sake son Joseph Beau Biden, Jr. was Attorney General and nobody mentions this when they boast about Joe Biden Sr.’s great civil rights record.

Furthermore, Biden’s signature accomplishment when it comes to damage to the black community is the 1994 crime bill that he shepherded into law as chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. He used to refer to this as the “Biden Bill”. The legislation puts in place the harsh mandatory penalties for first time, non-violent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use. This in turn has resulted in the mass incarceration of millions of black people, the destruction of lives, the loss of the right to vote,  the destruction of families and a massive waste of money for the tax payers who are required to pay to incarcerate and feed people who are not violent criminals and who need public health assistance rather than criminal justice prosecution. We should not forget that this heinous legislation was the brainchild of former Bill Clinton strategist Dick Morris and that Bill and Hillary Clinton worked closely with Biden to enact the legislation in order to use it as a campaign issue in Clinton’s reelection campaign in which he wanted to look “tough on crime”. The sad thing is, very few black Americans know this history.

Mr. Stone, with your history of being an advocate for ending the War on Drugs, extension of voting rights for Blacks,protection of affirmative action and you even helped with financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential campaign of Reverend Al Sharpton, who do you think is behind this effort to paint you as a racist?

Sadly, most people in the media have  no knowledge whatsoever of my advocacy of numerous positions of which I think benefit the black community. They don’t even take the time to do a Google search which would show you the many articles or interviews I have done in which I have laid out my positions. If they did, they would know that I spoke at a rally against New York State’s draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws alongside Reverend Al Sharpton and, then, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. They would know that I have petitioned the president to grant a pardon to Marcus Garvey whose early successful efforts to organize the African American community around the principles of education, personal responsibility and entrepreneurship scared the hell out of the white power establishment motivating the FBI to fabricate a tax evasion case against Garvey and imprison him to destroy his movement. Those who seek to falsely depict me as a racist do so now because they are so enraged that the President in an act of both justice and mercy recognized the politically motivated railroading I received in a DC courtroom and the imminent danger of my being put in a Covid-19 infested prison contrary to all legal precedents and current Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons policies

Mr. Stone could please give details of your efforts to help Black Americans so there is a record of the good things that you have done aside from the incessant reference to you being a political dirty trickster or a racist for allegedly calling Mo’Kelly a “Negro”?

Sure, I will be glad too and thank you for the privilege. It seems that every article describes me as a “self-described” or “self-proclaimed” dirty trickster when in fact all I have done is to acknowledge that others have called me that and because of the influence of the mainstream media I am probably stuck with the explanation. Doing things in politics which are clever and effective as well as being perfectly legal has been a tradition in American politics since the days of the founding fathers. When it comes to dirty tricks, Bobby Kennedy makes me look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Mr. Stone, I was reading “White Rage” recently authored by Carol Anderson and it had a passage in it by GOP consultant Lee Atwater in 1981 and it was  not so favorable toward Black people. Is your career path similar or dissimilar to his? Please detail to me how you are like or unlike him?

When you grow up in the American Deep South you view all politics through the prism of black-white racial relations. I view this political orientation as being limited and lacking in breadth and depth of developing tools to work with the voting public. Unlike Atwater, I came-of-age cutting my political teeth in a world where you could not just write off whole segments of society. You could not expect to win just making blanket appeals for one group of people to support your candidate. Living in the Metropolitan area of Greater New York in Connecticut–an area that has the diverse make-up of America’s urban area Northeast, I had to view political matters through the prism of not only race, but ethnicity, religion, class, as well as geography. The diversity of my background afforded me a better understanding of the complexities of how to reach and motivate all kinds of voters, and you learned that you received support and respect if you gave it. Down South, you only had to pit the white majority against a large Black minority. This race baiting type of politics has benefitted many cynical politicians who did not consider that as Sam Cooke once sang “A Change is Gonna Come”. That change is inevitable and it can be an economic, demographic, social, or political change and a forward looking political operative or public office holder always has to be open to change. Race has become an opioid narcotic to many politicians and it has hindered American becoming a more perfect union to say the least.    As I have written, after Atwater privately showed me the famous “Willie Horton television ad” that was ostensibly made by a group independent of George Bush’s 1992 presidential campaign, and  I implored him not to air it because it was divisive and racial. While I believed that the issue of issuing prison furloughs to violent criminals was a legitimate issue, it was clearly going to be assumed or understood an appeal to racism the minute you (inaccurately) depicted all those violent criminals as African-Americans. Just the same you can find many references on the Internet which describe me as an advocate for the Willie Horton strategy which I most certainly was not. There have been many instances from the handling of the Central Park 5 to Affirmative Action to Voting Rights Extension Act where I believe my upbringing and development caused me to denounce race-baiting or being pragmatic when the situation needed someone to be prophetic.

Mr. Stone, can you share with my readers some of the things you have been doing quietly in the  background to help working class Black men in New York?

I have financed the education of a young Black man who was the son of single mother who became a friend to my wife and I. Over the years, I have engaged in numerous acts of charity but prefer to keep them private because I was simply trying to help people who in many cases did not have the ability to help themselves. Unfortunately, my current financial situation will not allow me to continue my efforts in this area in the immediate future but I do believe that to whom much is given, much is required.

Mr. Stone, it sounds like your faith has been the guiding force for you through this ordeal, may I ask what is your faith?

My wife is a woman of infinite patience who has endured my political passions and our more recent persecution with grace and personal strength. When I look at my beloved wife, I see a woman that I love. In as much as Cuban people are like many people in the Americas and humanity in general are a fusion of many people. She is a Latina and if you understand this you know her heritage is rich like her complexion. More importantly to me is that my wife is a spiritual pillar and and emotional fortress that I can find comfort, support, and solace. She has encouraged me when I was depressed, rallied me when my spirits flagged and strongly supported my rebirth as a Christian.

Why, Mr. Stone, are you interested in Marcus Garvey and how did you become acquainted with his life, and do you support the freeing of other Black political prisoners?

On many rainy Saturdays I would spend hours in the book stalls at the Strand Book Store in the Manhattan’s East Village. I found an obscure biography of Jamaican-born Pan African leader Marcus Mosiah Garvey the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Growing up in the New York Metropolitan area, I had been an admirer of Harlem’s legendary Congressman Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who was a flamboyant and dashing early proponent for Civil Rights,  and I had read several excellent biographies about Powell. Adam had an ability to outrage the white power establishment and still maintain his effectiveness as a proponent for reform legislation that helped his community—everything that he did, all of it, was with style and bravado. I eventually became good friends with the famed minister and Congressman’s son Adam Clayton Powell IV.  The legacy of Adam Clayton, Jr. whetted my interest in Garvey who a contemporary of Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. and  was an extraordinary figure in the early decades of the 20th Century who reached his apex in the 1920’s. Garvey amassed an international movement of millions of Black people worldwide, and his ability to attract substantial support in the American Black community—in particular— with his positive message calling for African Americans to take charge of their futures by being proud of their heritage, to live decent and orderly lives, to help each other, and be industrious.  Garvey shared with Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.’s sartorial flair and flamboyance, and both men were very self-confident. Garvey was a strong proponent of entrepreneurship, and used his acumen as a solid businessman to accumulate substantial personal wealth much of which he poured into his UNIA movement. Garvey’s UNIA became so strong and influential during the epoch of paranoid and extreme anti-Black racism in America that J. Edgar Hoover Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation fabricated a case of tax evasion against him to imprison him and destroy his movement. Hoover’s plot to jail and destroy Garvey’s movement succeeded, and like what I experienced he was subject to an unfair trial and lots of biased media coverage. Long before my own targeting by politically motivated prosecutors, I urged president Trump to issue a posthumous pardon to Garvey. I was hopeful that it would happen when the President pardoned the heavyweight champion Jack Johnson but it was not to be. I intend to redouble my efforts to ensure that justice is done for Marcus Garvey before President Trump leaves office four and a half years from now.

Mr. Stone, when the FBI raided your home in 2018, what upset you the most?

The over-the-top Gestapo style raid on my home was staged entirely for the cameras of CNN. Contrary to what many of the jackals in the media have reported, the arrest of those charged with non-violent, white-collar process crimes is not regularly conducted this way. In fact, my attorneys had spoken to the special counsel’s office the previous day regarding the transmittal from us of copies of 30 pages of text messages between the former progressive radio host Randy Credico and me which proved definitively that he was indeed the source of the scant information that I had about the WikiLeaks disclosures. Mueller’s dirty cops chose to ignore this exculpatory evidence as well as the testimony of at least three exculpatory witness before the Grand Jury. Obviously had the special counsel informed my attorney that I would be charge, arrangements would have been made to volunteer myself voluntarily. Twenty-nine SWAT-clad FBI agents carrying assault weapons and wearing night goggles descended on my home in the pre-dawn hours of January, 25th. They arrived in 17 armored vehicles and immediately closed down access to the dead-end street in which I lived to everybody except a CNN camera crew. A government helicopter hovered overhead while agents brought an enormous battering ram up to my front door. Two amphibious units pulled up to the dock in my backyard where I lived on a canal and frogmen carrying assault weapons approached the house from the rear. After surrounding my home, on a queue from the CNN producer, the lead agent pounded on my door and yelled “FBI, open the door!” I did and was told that they had a warrant for my arrest and I was quickly handcuffed. FBI agents then ran up the staircase to roust my 73-year-old wife who because she is hearing-impaired had slept through the entire commotion. Just as I had been as I opened the door upon awaking, she was looking down the barrel of two rifles. Although accused of no crime, she was escorted out of the house in her night gown and in bare feet, but without her hearing aids and made to stand in the middle of the street ten feet away from me at gun point. For the first time in my life I really felt like I knew what Black folks feel like when “the Man” target’s them.

I was arrested at 6:05am. At 7am, a correspondent for CNN emailed a copy of my indictment to my lawyer Grant Smith. The emailed document had no time stamp or court markings and indeed my indictment was not unsealed until 9:30 am. This proves definitively that in violation of the law that CNN had advanced notice of the execution of both the warrant for my arrest as well as the search warrant that was executed that day. So much for the false claim of CNN that the presence at my home at the day of my arrest was based on a “journalistic hunch”. CNN cannot be taken seriously as a news organization. It is illegal for the office of special counsel to leak. How did Sara Murray know that the special counsel’s office had obtained all of my banking and IRS records which they reported in a CNN story titled “Roger Stone’s Finances Examined by Special Counsel” on May 25th, 2018. Murray’s serial violation of the law must be pursued. CNN personalities Jake Tapper and David Gergen both joked on the air on my being raped in prison. Who’s laughing now? Tapper is congenital liar with little talent while Gergen is that Republican who can always be counted on to trash republicans whenever CNN wishes to appear fair-minded. They can both kiss my you know what.

Mr. Stone, as you’ve mentioned earlier about your wife being your spiritual pillar, however, I read about you having a spiritual awakening during this ordeal with being charged and convicted of lying to Congress, how have you sustained yourself?

From the beginning of the extraordinarily stressful ordeal a number of individuals counseled me to reaffirm my faith in Jesus Christ and assured that if I would sincerely do so that God would deliver me from my persecutors and would not abandon me. Dr. Randy Short, M.Div. of SALT Ministries in Washington, D.C. of whom I met in 2016 and who I admired as an knowledgeable and independent thinker was among the first to give me the spiritual advice. Pastor Mark Burns was another who urged me to put myself in the hands of God. Reverend Darryl Scott of Cleveland urged me to read certain Bible passages where the guarantee of God’s love was enshrined. Reverend Bill Owens President of the Coalition of African American Pastors told me about the promise of being reborn. I could name literally dozens of pastors and evangelicals who helped me on my spiritual journey and encouraged me to seek His help. I have no doubt that President Trump commuted my sentence on the basis of divine guidance, divine guidance that he receives every day in the most difficult and lonely job in the world. Now as the Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:30-31 “For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. And again, “The Lord will judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” It is comforting to know that Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman, Rod Rosenstein, Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, Adam Jed, and Michael Marando among others will ultimately face the horrific vengeance of the Lord.

Mr. Stone, do you have any evidence that your jury forewoman Ms. Tamika Hart knew your prosecuting judge Amy Berman Jackson and did anyone attempt to alert you about Hart?

For the sake of journalistic clarity and transparency, the woman appointed as the Jury Forewoman for my trial—Ms. Tomeka Hart—is an established Democratic Party activist and a protégé of the Donna Brazile an author, veteran political campaign manager/strategist, political analyst, mainstream news media contributor (CNN,FOX, MSNBC, PBS NewsHour), former Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Advisor, and former acting Chairwomen for the Democratic National Committee in 2011 and from July 2016 to February 2017. In her own right, Tomeka Hart, Esquire is a former Memphis School Board President, and ex-President/CEO of the Memphis Urban League, ran for the United States House of Representatives for the 9th Congressional District of Tennessee  as a Democrat in 2012. This same Tomeka Hart—despite the mountains of evidence that she was a highly partisan and politically active person inside Democratic circles that held  aggressively anti-Republican animus—has been shielded from the penalty of the law for perjury by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, and much of the press has refused to inform the public that Roger Stone had a jury of his political adversaries. Today, we know that in 2019 beginning on the day I was arrested and subsequently Hart attacked me personally on a series of postings both on Twitter and Facebook. Hart also posted virulent attacks on President Donald Trump who she libeled as #KlanPresident in Twitter. To conceal her rabid partisan sentiments from my defense team, Hart changed all of her social media pages to private settings during jury selection, and during my trial she lied about them on the stand during jury selection. After my trial in which she encouraged her fellow jurors to convict me, Atty. Hart completely deleted her Twitter and Facebook pages. Every lawyer in the world except for Judge Amy Berman Jackson realized that this was evidence of bias which violated the Supreme Court decision that every defendant is entitled to a jury which is “impartial and indifferent”. Hart works for the Bill Gates foundation specifically coordinating the activities of a charity that Judge Amy Berman Jackson participates in actively. I have in my possession a sworn affidavit from a secret service agent that claims that he witnessed Atty. Hart entering and leaving the residence of former President Barak and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett on Kalorama Avenue in Washington, D.C.—during my trial. As my friend judge Andrew Napolitano says, “Hart should be prosecuted for perjury based on her lies both during jury selection and during the hearing in which my lawyers attempted to expose her corruption only to be hampered by the actions of Judge Jackson who decided to act as Hart’s defense attorney rather than the presiding judge in the case”. You can bet on the fact I am anxious for these issues to be reviewed on appeal. Don’t be shocked if my discovery of Atty. Tomeka Hart’s deceit and perjury isn’t somehow cast as some kind of racial incident.

Mr. Stone, you have named several people, like the Dr. Randy Short, who have been your spiritual advisors, are there any others that you can list who have stood by you during your trial and afterward?

I was fortunate to have a strong cadre of Black people to stand with me. Pastor Mark Burns, Rev. Darryl Scott, Brother Larry Pinkney a Black Panther, Writer, Human Rights Defender, former Political Prisoner, and University Lecturer, Apostle Leon Benjamin of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, Virginia and the Coalition of Leaders of Virginia,  Dr. Randy Short, M.Div., Human Rights Activist and Senior Minister of SALT Ministries (African Orthodox Church) of Washington D.C., Bishop Willie Joe Coleman, Jr., of the Mississippi Republican State Committee, Rev. William Owens President of the 7,000 pastor strong Coalition of African American Pastors, Rev. Dr. Betty Lancaster-Short President of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of American Mothers and Quest for Wholeness Ministries, the Rev. Al Sharpton, former California Assembly Speaker and  mayor emeritus of San Francisco the Honorable Willie Brown. I received many letters, cards, emails, and prayers from people who I had no idea were supporters of mine.

After all you have gone through and having witnessed the divisive politics of today between the Democrat and the Republican, Mr. Stone, what  is your relationship presently with political experts like Al Sharpton, Willie Brown, and Donald Trump?

I have a long-term cordial relationship with the Rev. Al Sharpton, and not too many people know that I played a vital role in helping him pursue his Presidential run in the 1990s both in terms of securing financial support for him and providing technical support in his having a campaign that drew national attention. Sharpton has become a national figure since I helped him. He is a gifted and charismatic speaker that can move people, but I know he is a rogue. Such people come with the territory of politics. I have a strong and genuine long-standing friendship with former California Assembly Speaker and former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. He is a sharp dresser and fantastic political mover and shaker in a class all by himself. I love my friend Donald J. Trump he saved my life, and I deeply appreciate his commuting my sentence ignoring the detractors that wanted see me behind bars where I would, due to preexisting medical conditions, contracted COVID-19. Donald Trump, aside from not being a racist like Biden, does not have what appears to many observers to be early onset dementia nor a political sepulcher filled with bones and specious scandals likely to be unveiled in this very partisan and contentious election year. I want to see Trump retake the White House in November, and his staff knows how to reach me if I can share advice based on my more than five decades working on political campaigns.

Mr. Stone with over 50 years working in politics like you have and now in this critical moment of racially sensitive talk about COVID-19 being a bio-weapon aimed to hurt people and Blacks in particular what do you know?

Honestly, I do not know that COVID-19 was engineered to specifically harm Black Americans, but President Trump deputized Vice President Pence to work with African American pastors, academics, activists, allied health professionals, and civil society stakeholders to devise strategies to arrest the disproportionate impact that Corona Virus has on the Black communities. I have been a vocal critic of the sinister agenda Bill Gates and other globalist “big Pharma” forcing that all Americans be vaccinated as a means to impose a draconian  system of social control that is unconstitutional and unholy. There are dark and evil ulterior motives to what Gate’s and others like him seek to inflict on humanity, and there are proven documented cases of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)—while claiming to fight epidemic diseases—have actually caused serious public health endemics in Africa and India. Over 90% of the people infected with Polio virus today have a strain linked to the BMGF. Indian officials have terminated the “health provision services” of BMGF. Indians and Africans are clearly not European people. However, in terms of the origins of COVID-19, I am not an expert on genetics or ethnically-targeted bio- weapons, and given the highly specialized nature of bio-engineering makes is a fool’s errand for a non-scientist to speculate on a highly controversial topic. One thing specific to the COVID-19 that pertains to Black Americans was the fact that President Donald Trump, on the strength of a letter that three Black Christian pastors Stephen Broden, Clennard Childress, and Dr. Randy Short who are partnered with a coalition of doctors whose name have had to be kept anonymous to protect their careers and their lives, fought to make Hydroxychloroquine (HDQ) available as a means to prevent Black people from dying disproportionately from the Corona Virus. In spite of HDQ proven ability to prevent COVID-19 deaths in several small medical test and in  India, South Korea, Senegal, Gambia, Israel, and Honduras the mainstream media and the Democratic Party leadership and elected officials have pilloried President Trump. Elected Black Democratic members of House and Senate and major city mayors, including Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Bobby Rush, and Al Green, Karen Bass, Hakeem Jeffries, Lori Lightfoot, Muriel Bowser, Angela Bottoms, Jim Clyburn, Cedric Richmond, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Stacy Abrams have allowed hundreds of thousands of Black people to suffer and thousands die because they have Trump Derangement Syndrome. HDQ could have helped to save countless Black lives but partisan fervor trumps providing genuine relief to people hurting in a pandemic. Once again, Democrats, who claim to be the defenders of Black people, allow death and destruction a la Katrina and Flint on steroids to communities with preexisting conditions of human suffering.

Mr. Stone do you believe that Donald Trump will be re-elected for 4 more years in November 2020?

Donald Trump has a very good chance of defeating Joe Biden if he frames the messaging of campaign contrasting his own political record of 4 years of supporting increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), record low Black unemployment, and criminal justice reform versus Biden’s documented record of being a dedicated racist who has used his political power to create policies to systemically and structurally harm Black people specifically, and to remind the public of his opponent’s public and private immorality and fiducial corruption. Biden has more skeletons in his closet than a big city morgue with a budget deficit. And, he can crown his Biden sundae with a cherry of his family’s racist, illegal, and corrupt activities that he has both aided and abetted. Most Black voters will not vote for Biden if they know his record, and when they learn that the mass incarceration Biden Bill would have never become law without South Carolinian Congressman Jim Clyburn, they will regret ever voting for Biden.  Finally, we have to wait to see who Biden picks as his Vice Presidential candidate. Much of the public is sick of the Democrats identity politics, and there is no guarantee that a Black woman as a Vice President on the ticket will attract two important demographics to the polls to vote for the Democratic nominee—Black men/Black Generation Xers/ Millennials and White women. Overall, Black voter turnout has been declining consistently in the last three national elections, and Black men in general and non-Boomer Black voters sentiments regarding Biden range from being lukewarm to aggressively indifferent to overtly hostile. Millions of post-Boomer generation Blacks—especially males—were directly hurt by the “Biden Bill”. The post-Boomer Black generations are less patient or tolerant of politicians like Biden and his allies Clyburn, Bass, Waters, and camp followers like Simone Sanders. Trump’s criminal justice reforms, strict immigration policies, and repeal of Obama’s anti-Black student policies has helped him make inroads that are causing ulcers and sleepless nights for the Democrat Party leadership. They cannot read these new political tea leaves, because the older generation of Black Americans are declining in numbers, and the Democratic Presidential strategy has not changed since the Kennedy-Johnson of the 1960s when the majority of Blacks living today were either babies or yet born. If Biden fails to pick a Black woman, this retreat hurt his campaign, and if he selects Kamala Harris as his running mate this will anger some Black voters and discourage others from casting a ballot. The Democrats have not figured out that the “People of Color” and “Intersectionality” myth is reviled by radicalized  upstart grassroots movements like ADOS and FBA, and a fiery and caustic Independent Black Media resent Kamala Harris for  passing herself off as a “Black Queen” when she is an Indian with no African or Black heritage familial linkages. Kamala Harris is a hated political figure among many Black Californians for her notorious role in putting more Black men behind bars than any living politician than Joe Biden, and her biased treatment of Black and Latino families who had murdered or missing children like the the case of Mitrice Richardson where Harris was cruel and indifferent to parents trying to find a missing daughter—later found dismembered in a Malibu ravine. Finally, serious tensions exist between Black Americans and Indian Americans that will continue the erosion of African American voters’ virtual monolithic enthusiasm for supporting the Democratic Party candidates.

In closing, Mr. Stone,  Do you have anything that you want to say of your own accord to Black America?

Many of the things that I have experienced over the course of life has given me a strong degree of concern for all people—especially those that have a shared experience of being treated unfairly by law enforcement and the mainstream media.  I am one of you.

The danger when you begin thanking people in an effort of this magnitude is the obvious possibility of forgetting someone who is very much in your corner and I realize doing that here runs the risk of just that, but I would be remiss without mentioning FL RNC National Committeeman Peter Feaman, FL RNC National Committeewoman Kathy King, Former Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, Former congressman Mark Foley, Ralph Reed, Comedian and talk show host Joe Piscopo, Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maricopa Co. Arizona, Former US Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), John Catsimitidis -Investor NYC, James H. Doty Brigadier General, US Army (ret.) Eric “Mancow” Muller radio show host, Congressman Trent Franks (R-Az), Assemblyman Robert Auth, (R-NJ) ,Ralph Reed, Major General Daniel York, (Ret.)US Army Reserves, Thomas McInerny (Lt. General USAF (ret.), Tim Hutchison- five term Sheriff of Knox Co.Tennesee, Bishop Leon Benjamin- New Life Harvest Church, Richmond Va., Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) Houston, Tx, Paul Behrends, Lt. Col. (Ret) USMCR Cristina Blanco, Federated Republican Women of North Dade Miami, Fl, Donald Green L/Cpl USMC (Ret), Rev. Robert Stream, Greater Grace Chapel, Lynchburg Va., Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA, LA Lawyer Robert Barnes and US Army Specialist Tony Pascarella, Rev. Dr. Betty Lancaster-Short, President of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of American Mothers, Rev. Dr. Randy Short, Minister of Salvation and Liberation Temple Ministries, A.Gore Vidal, David Keene-Former National Chairman , National Rifle Association, David Harris, Jr.-Journalist, Congressman Dave Weldon (R-Pa) Colonel Albert Short, USA Ret. Pastor Greg Young- Chosen Generation Radio Faith Harvest, Alaska vest Church, Sara Ballenger -President Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, Dolly Kyle, Little Rock Arkansas, Pastor Anthony Johnson-Kingdom Life Church, Dr. Enrique R. de la Torre, God’s Order of Truth & Wisdom-Miami, Fl, Rev. Dr. Willie J.Coleman, Jr.-Winston County Republican Committee, Louisville, Miss. Phil McConkey-NFL Quarterback, Buffalo Bills, Gordon Smith- Sheriff Bradford County, Fl, James W. Stratton, Chairman Tampa Bay Trump Club, David W. Johnson Chm. Columbiana County Republican Committee, Ohio, Rep. Anthony Sabatini Florida State Representative, District #32 host, Pastor John T. Coats II Metropolitan Church of God in Christ, JoAnn DeBartorlo and Tom Ravana organized support for me on the west coast of Florida. Rev. Dr. Rich Schuhmeirer Sr. Victory Restoration Center, Rev. Raymond M. Tear, Retired Member Gulf South Presbytery of Evangelical, Lee Lipton Restauranteur, Palm Beach, J. Robert Sebo -Co-Founder and Vice President Paychex Corp. Pedro Barrios Vice President of Hialeah Republican Club, Alice Butler-Short President Virginia Women For Trump, Vincent Medel -President Miami Spring Republican club, Colonel Frank Belline USAF (Ret.) Priscilla Confrey Co-Director NJ Women For Trump, Kris DeJeet Major, USAF, Elaine Amos Hackett, Native American Indian Coalition, Sheriff Gator DeLoach, Putnam County, FL. Judson Sapp, Candidate for Congress, Clay County, Florida, Sen. Fred Dyson, (R-Alaska), Bubba Clem, Radio Host, Tampa, Fl., Rev. Shannon Crowley, Ministry of the Watchman, Rabbi Elnatan Rudolph- Teaneck, NJ, Terrance K. Williams, Comedian, Bill Diamond, former Palm Beach City Council Member, Carl J. Paladino, co-Chairman of New Yorkers for Trump 2016 and Mark Foley, former Congressman-Palm Beach, FL.








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