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The Political and Media Witch Hunt of Dr. Immanuel Must Stop!

#Covid19CureDr stella Immanuel Claims that cnn and other top officials inThe united states are using hydroxy chlorineThe same medication they dont want people to be using is the cure!!!!

Posted by Nkani+ on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

By Gloria Zuurveen

When I look at how they are tearing down Dr. Stella Immanuel, I am reminded of what Isaiah said, “Whose report will you believe?”I am speaking of Black people specifically and others in general, whose report will you believe? Will you believe the white mainstream media or will you believe a Black licensed medical doctor who has been trained in Africa and in these United States of America to do what she does and now because it is not politically correct she is being ripped to pieces by the mainstream media who, in most cases, lack any form of diversity in their newsrooms and who are complicit with big pharma. Just look at who is advertising with mainstream media. Almost every time a commercial comes on either network or cable it is a pharmaceutical company selling their drugs. We must not sit daily with mainstream media whereby we are getting mass doses of  dopamines from repeated viewing which are literally controlling our minds and our thinking depriving us of our free will to choose. Stop being addicted to misinformation and being controlled by the dissemination of media droplets, that when taking in high doses will destroy one’s sense of objectivity and of having an independent thought.

As a Black people we have seen over and over the pattern of Blacks who speak truth to power and who also speak about what is actually happening in an effort to help save the lives of Black people and all other people. Blacks in America are being  decimated and annihilated with media extremist whose mission it appears is to  kill, steal and destroy anything that does not conform to the status quo. The mainstream media and the political operatives job is to make sure they are destroyed or not able to ebb and flow to expose what they know. I am amazed when a doctor who is licensed and have qualifying credentials to practice their craft from a state approved medical board, is intimidated and harassed for using their certification to save lives is now being the subject of a political and media witch hunt all because one speaks about the supernatural and spiritual reality.

Dr. Immanuel recommendation of hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic for COVID-19 has been tweeted by President Donald Trump and because of all the political divisiveness she is now being made a pawn in this media circus to destroy not only her name but also to disprove her medically proven claim that hydroxychloroquine is not a new solution but it has been used for hundreds of years by dermatologist without retribution. But it all make sense why they are doing this to her especially because of big dollars and cents, billions to be exact when it comes to big pharma, they have invested heavily and placed their bets and to have an unknown Black woman doctor who happened to be from Africa to take a willful stand against the status quo they say “oh no she has got to go”. The millions of dollars big pharma have already invested to bring to market an expeditious and unproven vaccine to give to people not even knowing the side affects or if it will even work is too much to lose so Dr. Immanuel becomes beelzebub because she wants to use her gift and knowledge of medicine to cast out COVID-19 and now they want to run her off the scene.

This is asinine and foolish and it should not be tolerated but it is happening daily since last Monday when Dr. Stella Immanuel stood on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and spoke truth to the power that be at the highest level of the land and defied all those who say that hydroxychloroquine does not contribute to saving patients testing positive for COVID-19 or the CoronaVirus. She has steadfastly stood on her belief that it works and she is even calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to take a pee test and to show that he, himself, is not taking the forbidden cure for COVID-19.

Wake up people and especially Black people and don’t let them destroy Dr. Immanuel like they have done to so many before. This pattern of character assassination of our people is nothing new just look at the history it does not lie. This is an assassination without any outcry. Dr. Immanuel is willing to put her life and license on the line to stand up and fight to save lives and not just her kind. Blacks, it is said, are more susceptible to the virus due to underlying conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, and they are seemingly dying in higher numbers. But with Dr. Immanuel, she said she has many  patients who are willing to speak and to testify that they have been cured from the virus because of  the prescribed hydroxychloroquine.

With this profound and provocative medical evangelist and minister who swear by her oath and her method of healing that has been used many times by dermatologists, immunologists and many generalists but with Dr. Immanuel and her recommendation to use hydroxychloroquine is now being made out to be a mythologist instead of the license medical doctor that she is and who have degrees as well as a determination to stand against the powers that be to defy their intent to destroy her spirit to saves people’s lives from COVID-19 and to help others to know that they don’t have to die all because other who wants to make her out of a lie.


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  1. Greg Hughes on August 2, 2020 at 8:48 am

    Speaking our Truth, Reminds me of Dr. Sebi,
    When it come to our true Everyone need to read
    The 1619 Project by Nicole Hannah Jones.

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