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Jenesse Center, Founded by 5 Black Los Angeles Women, Celebrates 40 Years of Service Bringing Life Saving Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Programs to the Community.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jenesse Center is celebrating 40 years of bringing life saving programs and services to the community. Founded by five Black women in the Los Angeles area who wanted to provide a place of hope for other women who needed protection and a way of escape, renewal, support and self sufficiency, the organization offers a holistic platform of preventative and intervention services that are culturally sensitive and appropriate. To commemorate this herculean achievement, Jenesse will spotlight its “HEROES”: donors, supporters, volunteers and friends who have made the journey possible over the years.

Sylvia Swilley, MD Board of Directors, Committee Chair, External Affairs said, “The Heroes of Jenesse show up in a variety of ways; some as financial donors, some as dedicated project and program volunteers, some as caring and empathetic staff. But all share the vision to interrupt the cycle of generational violence that assaults our community. Our flagship youth program is but one of the innovative strategies made possible by our Heroes. We are grateful and salute you.”

The organization’s 40th anniversary committee members are developing activities over the coming months to celebrate this milestone. Planning was delayed when COVID-19 challenges required the organization to pivot resources to handle the more pressing community needs when domestic violence dramatically increased after Los Angeles county issued “stay at home” mandates.

Karen Earl, Jenesse CEO said, “I am so proud of Jenesse staff who have worked tirelessly through this pandemic. I am also so very grateful to our 40th Anniversary host committee who so graciously accepted our invitation to put together our exciting commemorative activities. We would like to honor so many people who have singularly made another moment, day, week, year possible for Jenesse. So over the next few weeks and months, we will spotlight those who have traveled the journey with us over this unforgettable 40 years of service.  We look forward to celebrating this amazing anniversary milestone through the many events we will be hosting.”

Earl continued, “Heroes is soooo relevant as a theme, because in 1980 it took extraordinary vision and leadership to singularly focus on the needs of Black women and children who were escaping trauma and violence.”

To learn more about the Jenesse 40th Anniversary, please call Michelle Hudson at 323-299-9496, ext 155 or email at

Jenesse Center, Inc. is a Los Angeles based domestic violence prevention and intervention organization, created by five Black women who were domestic violence survivors. Celebrating 40 years of providing life-saving, culturally appropriate services to the Los Angeles community, Jenesse’s mission is to provide victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive, centralized base of support that is culturally responsive and appropriate as well as holistic, and ensures transition from immediate crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. Jenesse seeks to prevent and end the cycle of domestic violence through education, public awareness and outreach initiatives, public policy and advocacy strategies, and innovative collaborations with key partners.


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