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Negrogate IV: Kamala Harris the Hindu, the Hoax, the Harlot, the Hypocrite-Hater, the Boule Hype and Our Holocaust

Dr. Randy Short


By Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short, M.Div., Ph.D.

Rest assured most people know that segregationist Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris Emhoff to be his Vice Presidential running mate to continue his career focus of destroying Black people. From 2009 to 2017 when he served as Vice President to Barak Obama, Biden was integral to nothing being done to relieve the suffering of Black Americans. Biden described Obama as “articulate and clean” as opposed to other Blacks who he appears to believe are inarticulate, dirty, and potentially interested in fighting against racial injustice. Obviously, Kamala Harris’s aggressively anti-Black career track record as a ruthless prosecutor and  cruel Attorney General fit the bill.

Further, the extreme left of the Democrat party leadership is running out of Boule fools to be Black faces in high places to manipulate, cheat, oppress, and defraud Black voters, and they are fearful of the younger Blacks who think voting is for suckers and think Democrats have nothing to offer will avoid the polls in November 2020 like they have in growing numbers since 2010. Instead of running a genuine presidential candidate that is more concerned about the needs of the American people than LGBTQ and illegal migrants,  Democrats proffered up another stale racist septuagenarian who is hated by many Blacks for promoting genocidal mass incarceration laws.

Therefore, to avoid stinking up the polls like the “albino white” Clinton-Kaine ticket, they prompted Biden to select an Obama with boobs—Kamala Harris. Since 1990, she had worked hard to prove that she hated Blacks, loved big business, big banks, illegal migrants, loved all things of aberrant sexuality, and, even, married white to finalize her desire to be made an honorary white via marriage, association, and dedicated in service to white supremacy. Biden and the Democrats and the Boule traitors in the AKA sorority and the Black Greek community have made a fatal flaw in putting their eggs in the scandalous scarlet skank’s basket.

The bitter aftertaste of the vicious and vitriolically anti-Black Obama presidency was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back of near-monolithic Black support for the Democrat party. These fools are too proudly racist to admit that they need Black men and women to vote for them, and we want reparations before reconciliation and not some mulatto token of known dubious moral character and a documented indifference if not overt hatred for Black American people. Despite their clear understanding that Blacks are not going to pick their presidential electoral cotton, they draft this census classified white Hindu Indian woman who’s shallow Black credentials include that she was Willie Brown’s ingrate sidepiece and she attended Howard University—which is the most international university in America so this means nothing. If the readers don’t remember anything else Kamala Harris Emhoff is a high-caste Brahmin Hindu which means she sees Blacks as subhuman trash; her Blackness is a hoax to gain political power for herself and for other caste-racist Indians do who are internationally infamous for their hatred of Blacks; she has no morality in whatever capacity she has served nor in her private life and is childless possibly due to life choices; she is whatever ethnic identity for the moment that she can gain something for herself at the expense of others; her vicious treatment of Black men and women in California is reminiscent of Brahmin Hindus whose Aryan Master Race philosophy led them to support Hitler during World War II.

Last, Black people are at the end of their token integration road, and we are either going to make many sweeping changes in how we function as a collective or be exterminated by the white people and these  insidious honorary whites eager to make their bones cutting our Black necks.

Kamala Harris Emhoff ( her husband does business with the Jeffrey Epstein crowd fyi coons) is an omen of a final solution for Black people, and she has already proven this by her support for mass COVID-19 vaccinations which will be used on us first. The most disgusting thing about Boule coon elites and their ilk is that their hatred of the 90% of Black folks guts so much that they don’t even vet foreigners or strangers in their midst. Practically anyone with a contagious disease, an incurable STD, a phony story about their solidarity with Blacks, and—even—the weakest knowledge of any cultural or historical trivia about Black folks gets a pass from the intellectually-stunted Boule scum that claim to be educated. God forbid if these strangers like a like booze, music, dancing, and unprotected sex the Boule receives them as honorary Blacks without any questions. This same filthy and degenerate elite hate the guts of all and any blacks in the lower 90%, and, despite the mountain of similarities and commonalities that poorer Blacks have with them, they hate them and are wholly indifferent to their suffering. Evidence of this are Black governed cities and institutions wherein anybody but the bottom 90% of Black folks get everything without asking. Kamala has benefitted from this xenophilia at Howard University the Pentagon of coonery, Black self-hatred,  and Boule degeneracy and from cornucopia of Willie Brown’s loins came largess and benefits that have placed her in position to be the most powerful woman on earth.

Boule coons never considered that Kamala’s political races were not funded by them, and these morons never followed the money back to Fresno and other insular radical Hindu Indian communities—where Blacks are fiercely hated openly. All that matters to the stupid AKA and other Black Greeks is that she has straight hair, light skin, and she’s as fake about her Blackness as they are. In other ethnic groups people like our Boule are proscribed. Nonetheless, the cheap and pathetic Boule people imagine that Kamala’s pledging AKA in the 80s means she is going to help the top 10% of Black folks. If I recall, Prince Hall Mason Barak Obama did not do a damned thing for his coon secret society brothers.

It is not fair to simply dump all the blame on the wicked ungodly Boule folks for opening the gate to this caste menace Kamala Harris. In truth, the Boule coon fascination with making all Indians cool and down with Blacks must be blamed on two sets of people: (1) the Civil Rights pimps and their offsprings ( hint hint), and (2) fruit and nut coons who worship everything eastern because they hate their predominately Protestant roots.

We must remember that many perverted Black activists that ran in white circles for sex, to escape from being around their own, and for opportunities to travel and see the world dabbled in Eastern religions to gain access to interracial sex and win white approval—which many self-hating Blacks cannot live without.

Bayard Rustin who trolled the whole of India in the 1950s for sex and dubious reasons is one such person. SCLC icon Rev. James Lawson also traveled to India. Men like Lawson and Rustin deceived generations of Blacks into thinking M.K. Gandhi was a holy man with the right philosophical path to freedom via non-violence. Never mind the fact that Gandhi helped murder Blacks in Africa. Never mind the fact that Gandhi threatened the Blacks in India with genocide if they refused to remain inferior. Never mind that Gandhi was a pedophile and a believer in the inferiority of Blacks. Rustin and Lawson chumped Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the entire Civil Rights movement with this fraud. To this very day the retread King family generation is still sticking to the Gandhi lies despite Black Indians ( aka Untouchables now called Dalits) trying to engage mule-headed King family members. Kamala Harris the Brahmin Hindu caste bigot walks through the hole in our defenses dug by moronic and illogical deceit of the King family and others. These liars will tell you it was about the non-violence, but India was and is full of violence Gandhi was assassinated and radical Hindus rape, kill, torture, enslave, and maim Christian, Buddhists, Muslims, and Dalit men, women, boys, and girls everyday. The ruling Brahmin BJP political party has allowed burning of churches and even allow  the abuse of Africans in India  go unpunished. Kamala Harris doesn’t care about the atrocities that her Brahmin caste do to Blacks globally and neither does the King family nor the Boule. They all think Kamala is going to let them have social functions in White House while the rest of us starve—just like we did under Obama. Moreover, the Boule and Kamala and the King Family either directly or indirectly have made peace with the racist Hindu caste system that in a nutshell proclaims light skinned people superior to dark skinned people, because the whiter skinned high caste people came out of their god’s head and the Black people came out of their god’s hind part. Hinduism is like the paper bag skin game Black folks are trapped by this is why the Boule people love her. They love the way the Brahmins hold the Dalits down—just like they do us!

The Hoax, the Harlot, and the Hypocrite-Hater nature of Kamala Harris is very easily found with a simple Google search. Her claiming to be Black for power is a hoax for many reasons: (1) most high caste Indians hate being associated with Blacks in any way, (2) Indians purchase over 50% of all skin lightening cream produced worldwide and the demand grows by 50% annually, (3) high caste Indian families normally oppose marriages of their children with Blacks if you wonder why Kamala’s parents got divorced, and some Indians murder Blacks that marry their children this is a common practice, (4) Kamala Harris could not command respect of anti-Black Hindu Brahmin funders if she claimed being a Black woman, (5) Kamala made sure not to allow any babies of Willie Brown or other Black men to be born, (5) she married a white Jewish man Emhoff, (6) she supported the mass incarceration of Black men and single Black mothers fighting against the federal government to commit crimes against our people, and (7) Kamala has produced no documented evidence that she claimed to be Black on her legal records—even her father a Jamaican Dougla (Dougla is a person with Mulatto or Black mixed with Asian ancestry in Caribbean cultures) an Indian-White-Half-Caste mix does not classify himself as Black in Jamaican society. Instead, he is classified as a Brown or Colored—Not Black.

Go to hell Boule liars! It is common knowledge that Kamala Harris had an adulterous affair with Willie Brown, and the writer has it on high account that Kamala used her back as often as her brain to get what she wanted. She was the Godiva by the Bay and the blower of domes. It is alleged Kamala could be expected to do the unexpected in the basement of city hall in San Francisco. Like Madonna and Cardi B her soulmates in the music world Kamala was in “WAP” before it became a cult phenomenon. Then after decades of draining the scrotums of important but under capitalized men, Kamala marries a rich Jewish man to make herself respectable to white folks. However, the same woman who used sex to advance her career opposed rights for sex workers until it became politically expedient for her to think that other non-Brahmins  need money and benefits too. Kamala is a Hypocrite-Hater because she is a chameleon in front of Breakfast Club morons she’s Black but she’s a Hindu Brahmin when she is with her real folks—light-skinned Indians who love Black slavery so much they’ve had it 3,500 years. Kamala has shown Blacks the kind of hatred we get from racist wannabe immigrants and illegals often claiming their race as other to avoid being lumped in with Afro-Americans. In India, she wears her traditional Hindu clothing and has a Bindi dot on her forehead. Very few Blacks are Hindus because of the hateful and racist caste system that denies that we are equal creations. Kamala is getting a free ride off our backs when folks like the family of Breonna Taylor have no support. Kamala’s cruelty towards Black parents, Black prisoners, Black youth, and Black families victimized by Latino and white  hate groups or discriminatory businesses owned by Asians, Whites, and Latinos. Look up the cases of Gregory Johnson, Jr, and Mitrice Richardson to understand how cold, cruel, and vicious Kamala was towards good Black families. You can tell a tree by its fruit and Kamala’s tree has strange fruit all the way. Don’t believe me do some research on her corrupt handling of banks that defrauded millions from Black families. Why did she oppose body cameras for police? Why did she shield pedophile priests of the San Francisco archdiocese? Why did she fight the ACLU to defend abusive, violent, corrupt, and deviant police? Why did she block the prison release of thousands of Black men defying the U.S. Department of Justice? Why did Oscar Grant’s white security guard killer get such a lenient sentence on her watch?

The Boule coons are hyping Kamala attending Howard University in the 1980s. Well, I was there the exact same time as Kamala, and I can assure you she was not a campus activist for Black issues. If that were the case, I would have known her. In fact, Kamala by virtue of her parentage was a member of the Caribbean Student Association. In the middle and late 1980s, Caribbean hatred of Black Americans was at an all time high. The Caribbeans called Black Americans “Yankees” for short and in private settings “Yankee Niggers”—the Jamaicans by far were the most hateful of the lot. Kamala attended Howard probably because she wasn’t the best of students and there was a huge Jamaican “Brownin” Mulatto-Dougla posse there to embrace her—including persons with Indian ancestry. I remember vividly having to tell-off Jamaican Indian students who called all Black American women whores openly. I told them they could call every Black American women whores if they could look me in the eye and swear that they had never sold their bodies on the beach to tourists in Jamaica. They stormed off and refused my offer. Those were Kamala’s peers. Howard is a cesspool of foreign Blacks who hate Black Americans and see us a disgusting and deserving of oppression and abuse from whites. I am writing as a Howard University brat with 50 years of association with Howard. By the way the current president of Howard University Dr. Wayne Frederick a Trinidadian is a vicious and hateful anti-Black American snob, and in 2018 he ordered Howard University police to attack Black American students who were chanting at him during Founder’s Day that he hated Black Americans’ guts. The same Howard University that honors Kamala Harris who has done all she could to destroy Black Americans snubbed Stokely Carmichael ( aka Kwame Ture) who did everything he could to free Black Americans with a heart full of revolutionary Pan-African love. Finally, anyone who attended Howard between 1984 and 1987 know that the AKA Sorority was rumored to be in all sorts of wicked and filthy activities that were required of those rushing to become sorors. One potent rumor was mandatory cocaine use and real life experiences like soliciting sex as a prostitutes near the Sutton Towers dorm on the infamous and libidinous 14th Street corridor. I wonder did Kamala the chameleon call us Yankee Niggers to fit in with one group and  try to get a sense of what that was all about to fit in? How will she fit in with racist segregationist Joe Biden who’s own son Beau Biden allegedly covered up white death squads killing Black men in Delaware? Kamala is a tangle of pathologies, contractions, lies, and amorality how can such a perverse person be counted on to take any kind of risk for pariahized Black people? Why would she? What’s in our well-being for her or the racist banks and globalist bigots that hate our guts? We suffered Tuskegee and more and she’s demanding vaccinations for COVID-19. By the way, Kamala’s caste experiments on the Dalits and do all manner of cruel things to them like making people sell their organs for pennies. People are doomed to suffer abuse if they refuse to know their enemies.

The Black holocaust folks is good for business and great news for those that hate us and this is very large group of people that includes our Boule traitors and our lowbrow coons. Proof of the indifference of the majority of American people to our plight is how there was a tremendous clamour for America to reopen for business when the main news story of that time was the disproportionate toll COVID-19 was taking on Black Americans. White folks wanted to go to bars and to the beach and to go on with their lives despite the fact that Blacks were dying in very high numbers. Sadly, most Black people are self-deluding cowards who refuse to sober up to the banal ubiquity of anti-Black hatred in America that is on a genocidal level and is so normal  that our mass deaths neither register empathy nor outrage. Obama and his homoerotic neoliberal  reconstruction of Black America nearly destroyed us. The same folks that set that mulatto pit viper on us have found an even more venomous and insidious replacement who can hide behind her sex and count on Benedict Arnold coons to defend her despite her hastening our mass demise. She told us she was against reparations which in short says that she hates us like the rest of the racists. She isn’t our sister, and she isn’t even a sister to Blacks in India or the Indian diaspora. The Boule’s endorsement of Kamala is clear evidence that they want to destroy nine tenths of Black Americans. Will you help them destroy us by voting for such a pathetically immoral woman who’s walk in and of itself is pornographic?

Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short, M.Div. is a Washington, D.C. native and a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate, free-lance journalist, writer, and social action/social justice missionary affiliated with the African Orthodox Church. An informed and excellent researcher and speaker, Short is regularly featured on FM/AM/blog radio programs nationally. Since 2011, Short has been a featured commentator on RT, Radio One, Mississippi Super Talk, Roland Martin, WJLA-New Channel 8, Belarus National News, INFOWARS, DC Cablevision, and the Pacifica Radio network.



  1. ERNST Ford on August 18, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    Seems as a masterpiece

    • Larry Pinkney on August 18, 2020 at 3:38 pm

      This article is indeed a “masterpiece” and should serve as an urgent Warning and a Wake-Up call. The degenerates and frauds who, in the FAKE name of so-called ‘progress,’ are attempting to Disfigure and Destroy black American communities, including the destruction of traditional and much needed family values, etc., will be upset by this excellent article. It is time to pull back the curtain – and to EXPOSE and REVERSE the psychological, moral, political, and social decadence and corruption of Kamala Harris AND her ilk of subterfuge and deceit. Enough is ENOUGH!

      • Dr. Randy Shott on August 19, 2020 at 5:05 pm


        • Howard 2001 on August 20, 2020 at 1:44 am

          Hey Randy how is it. I get your anger towards Kamala however why disparge her father. You incorrectly refered to Donald Harris as mixed with east Indian. He is not mixed with east Indian. Dr. Harris fair complexion reflects the reality of being born in a plantation society and he has never denied his blackness. I think it is wrong to spread misinformation regarding Donald Harris.

  2. Diana on August 18, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    I don’t know what kind of PhD you have, but no self respecting educated man would tout his misogynistic views and be expected to be taken seriously. What this article shows is that you, Dr Short are also part of our systemic problem with your misogyny, homophobia and racist views. You are here because you are not credible enough to be on a real news source! Someone share your article with me and within the first few statements, it’s clear that this is pure garbage.

    • Andrea on August 18, 2020 at 3:32 pm

      He is here because alternative news is not scripted and parroted across lines. A phobia means a fear of something. You come with all of your regurgitated labels without stabbing one truth. She is NO EARTHLY GOOD for my people. Swaying each way the opportunistic wind blows. The truth hurts.

  3. Katie on September 29, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    Thank you, well said. Finally, someone who get’s it! Kamala is nothing but pure EVIL, look further into her ancestry…pretty sick stuff! Why aren’t you running for president, you would get my vote.

  4. A.L. on October 11, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    Dr…. Please tell us where the dad said he was Indian and white. I’ve been searching quite some time… There’s alot of strong hints in his writings. I definitely believe you and the Judge. But I can’t find the exact document.

  5. Schalk on November 8, 2020 at 9:29 am

    Hey “Dr” Short, why are you not wearing shiny spectacles? I though all black holy men donned glasses to come across as intelligent. You are a pathetic POS I tell you…

  6. Kamals'bit on November 8, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Of course from a baptist black preacher. Funny one of the complaints or beef is with Hindu faith (let’s eat some cow now), and not that she is a shitty person when it comes to black people’s interests. This reflects the authors own slave mentality in spite of his “divinity education” as he couldn’t free himself from his master’s religion like most American blacks. Sad, it is precisely because of this slave mentality with respect to not having their own faith, but of their slave masters, that both parties have exploited them for so long and still continues to do so.

  7. Mister B on November 17, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Preach on Brother
    Warnock is evil!

  8. Princeray on November 17, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    Dr. Short. Thank you for bringing me back to reality. This morning, I was tossing and turning in bed struggling to make sense out of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris & Hinduism. I struggled to find a rosy picture of Hinduism somehow and in some way when I discovered your article. Today, we find ourselves on the cusp of life and death in an invisible biological war against the masses, SARS Cov-2, HIV-1 in the Air. You call out among us at a time that people must be brave, vigilant, firm and critical even if it may appear to be politically offensive or insensitive.

    CNN/MSNBC mouthpieces for Biden’s Covid 19 task force are caste system Hindus, UPHS Vice Admiral Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy and Dr. Celine Gounder. Disease does not discriminate, but UPHS does lock step with caste systems and white supremacy.

    During the late 1960s, I accompanied nationalist brothers to Howard U in DC to support Brothers Stokely and H. Rap. Nixon and the Berlin Wall were pressuring Howard to harass and shut them down. Howard U was like an island of lost souls with empty eyes and hearts in the middle of a sea of black folks. After a couple days at Howard, I thought students were of a different species of Negroes. I soon discovered that throwback Antebellum House Negroes sent their children to Howard U to foster a post Civil War 3rd race of Negroes between whites and field blacks. In Oakland, we took down a black MK ULTRA assassin sent in to kill H. Rap Brown. Out of Brothers Stokely and Rap, they wanted Rap dead, immediately. I was on the cusp of a bigger picture between life and death.

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, I heard of SF DA Kamala Harris. But, I didn’t pay too much attention to it until I was declared establishment wide banded & “untouchable” in SF as it was in Oakland. It came down the grapeline, be careful- it was DA Kamala Harris. I was working with a SF law firm to re-incorporate an Oakland historical black church. The law firm suddenly dropped me as if I had the plague. I was also looking at threads to convicted black pedophile 33rd degree Freemason Booker T. Emery of West Oakland, and an extremely dangerous elite powerful Republican Pedophile Ring. He was training his own young granddaughters as pedophilia ring child sex kittens.

    Suddenly, I also came under a sudden campaign of violence, harassment and death threats by people that looked like black Caribeans. I was also slapped with about a half dozen frivolous lawsuits to subject me to civil arrest. The Alameda County DA’s Investigator’s office also knocked on my door to try to harass or frame me for a crime. I soon learned from the black grape vine that they were all related to powerful ultra secret Oakland-SF Bay Area Pedophile Rings and rackets. Again, I was on the cusp of a bigger picture between life and death.

    The church that I was working to re-incorporate had been a secret tread passing women and children into the ultra secret pedophile satanic rings. The church also had a Masonic Charter from the Grand Masonic Lodge of England. I saw the charter, but at the time I didn’t understand the Luciferian Masonic picture.

    As California Attorney General, she had her own State Masonic Police force that I believe were dealing Child Wards of California as sex toys, sex slaves and sacrificial victims of international satanic circles. A Oakland crack cocaine drug addict through a FBI Negro Asset/Informer tried to draw me inside one pedophile sex slave ring linked to city hall to investigate, I knew it was a trap that I wouldn’t escape with my life.

    Kamala Harris is extremely dangerous. As SF DA, she protected Satanic pedophile rings on both sides of the bay, elite and powerful rings that included the 9th Satanic Circle & pedophile priests of SF Cardinal William Levada, SF Archdiocese & Vatican. She is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. The Democratic Party, Kamala Harris & Hinduism is part of a bigger picture of synchronized Satanic Global Mass Population Annihilation.

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