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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Defeats “Trump Puppet” Joe Collins

LOS ANGELES – Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) released the following statement upon her decisive victory against Republican Joe Collins who, despite being dishonorably discharged from the Navy and only just registered to vote for the first time in 2020, was bolstered by Republicans nationally and earned an endorsement from Donald Trump in a failed bid to takeover California’s 43rd Congressional District. The New York Times and AP yesterday called the race for Congresswoman Waters after she earned 72 percent of the vote to Joe Collins’ 27 percent. The 43rd District of California includes large portions of South Los Angeles and the diverse cities of Gardena, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Torrance, and Lomita.

“I am overjoyed with the results of the election! I want to thank the people of California’s 43rd Congressional District for their vote of confidence and support for me to keep fighting in Washington DC. 
Donald Trump and Republicans have repeatedly targeted my district, investing millions of dollars in candidates with no experience and no apparent interest in governing, all because I have been the most outspoken Member of Congress against the Administration and was the first to call for the President’s impeachment for his many abuses of office. Their latest strategy was to run a young Black man against me and convert ten to twenty percent of my African American constituents to the Republican Party, turn the voters in the district against the Latinx community by calling them criminals and rapists, while at the same time, cementing the Trump conservative agenda with other groups in my district. Despite Republicans spending $10 million on  Joe Collins, who ran a vitriolic campaign during which he demeaned and trashed the district he sought to represent, the people of CA-43 took a stand and rejected the Republicans’ divisiveness and attempt to bring Trumpism to South Los Angeles. It did not matter that Trump and Republicans raised $10 million for Collins, the most money raised among anyone running for the House of Representatives in October, our community sent a clear and decisive message. I’m extremely thankful to all my supporters who stood by me in this hard-fought campaign.

“Make no mistake, we took this campaign very seriously, and while social media and digital ads are an important component, I believe the best way to earn votes is to go into the community and ask people for their support. No matter how many years I’ve served in Congress, I am not above walking neighborhoods, precincts, farmer’s markets, barber shops, beauty salons, cookouts and now mostly digital church services to make the case for why I am still the best positioned and prepared candidate to deliver for our district. During this campaign, we organized caravans into the heart of the district. We sent out district-wide mailers explaining my record in Congress.  We hosted food giveaways to provide support to families who may be struggling during the pandemic. We organized socially distanced activities outdoors at the campaign office to engage voters directly while following COVID19 guidelines. Although my opponent outraised me 7:1, there was no amount of money that could overcome the relationships I’ve established in the district through years of work, community, and partnership. The voters in my district re-elected me this year because they know me, know what I’ve done, and they know that I will always show up. I will never take that support for granted and will always go to work in DC prepared to fight and deliver for CA-43!
“I look forward to serving in the next Congress under the Biden-Harris Administration and working with my colleagues constructively to not only repair the damage Donald Trump has done to our democracy and its institutions, but to restore our reputation abroad and legislate policies that will create economic opportunities in our communities and a brighter future for our children.”

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