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“Wake Up Olivia,” New Children’s Book Inspires and Entertains Readers

Fran Briggs

“This is a story that children and parents will love. It offers the reader an empowering perspective for developing a loving, self-identity.” – Fran Briggs, Publicist to Detrell and Jasmin Hawkins

Atlanta, GA,-(– “Wake Up Olivia” is inspiring and entertaining young readers, everywhere. Co-written by Detrell Hawkins and Jasmin Hawkins, it is available for purchase at and Amazon, their publicist announced today.

The authors are mother and daughter with credentials or licenses in functional family therapy, multi-systemic therapy, and early childhood education, respectively.

The duo shared that the book, which is the first in a series, was inspired by their granddaughter and niece, Olivia. It was during a very impressionable time in the youth’s life.

“She was just two-years-old at the time,” explained Detrell Hawkins. “Every time I’d say, ‘Wake up, Olivia,’ she was so inspired. It was my hope that she would always see herself as she saw herself, then.”

“Wake Up Olivia” encourages young readers to love themselves just as they are. The book is an effective tool for assisting youth to become profoundly aware of themselves.

The Leesburg, Georgia co-authors say it is easy for young people to lose their identity to the world. They emphasize that not being fully ‘woke’ or aware of who one is can make it difficult to navigate through life.

Using charming illustrations, the book teaches young children the power of self-acceptance and how to nurture a healthy self-esteem. Detrell Hawkins says that although “Wake Up Olivia” was written for pre-school to 5th grade audiences, it didn’t resonate as such with readers.

“The feedback we receive suggests that it’s good for any age,” she added. “I’ve been told that it is like Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

By the end of the book, Olivia has an even more empowering future, and parents are given additional learning activities and strategies to help their children promote a healthy self-esteem.
For more information, including how you can purchase Wake Up Olivia, visit For speaking engagements appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, contact Fran Briggs at, or 928-275-1342.

Detrell Hawkins is a mother of 4, Certified Life Coach and certified clinician in both Functional Family Therapy and Multi-Systemic Therapy. She has been providing services to youth and families for more than 25 years, with most of those years spent working with at-risk youth and families. Detrell is a sought after speaker, coach and trainer.

Jasmin Hawkins is an Early Childhood educator. She has worked alongside her mother providing Empowerment workshops since she was in high school. She uses her education and training to develop learning boards and binders for youth to extend the learning beyond the classroom, and create learning environments within the homes of families.

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