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The Southern Truth

Stop Fattening Frogs for Snakes 


Time and time again, we hear about Black people getting pushed to the side when it comes to economic community investments from the Black side. They always seem to change the rules and yell at Black people saying get back you can’t ride. This is what is going on  with the Crenshaw Mall development but it is time to say, “this pattern of injustice has got to go.” It is Black people’s time to let the ilks and all the political wimps know that they will not continue to rise up the political ladder by  selling out the Black community all the time pretending that Black lives really matter. No longer will Black people continue to “fatten frogs for snakes” so that others can just walk right in and stop Black economic unity. The fight is in the people’s hands to win and  not to be defeated because it is sickening and senseless to deny Black people their power of self-sufficiency. Too many Black people remember the Jim Crow times when Blacks stood up and refused to spend their dimes where they couldn’t shop they boycotted until the injustice stopped. Today is the same just different characters playing in the same old game. But today, it’s time for Black people with one voice to  speak and make lots of noise by taking their dollars out of LA and spend in other cities like Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena anywhere else but not LA.  #BOYCOTTcityofLA Withholding the Black dollar will make somebody holla! Divestment worked for Apartheid in South Africa and for southern Blacks in the 60s and it will work today to stop the unrighteous games our own people play so that outsiders can come, set up shop and stay. I say, its time to               #BoycottcityofLA.


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