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The Southern Truth Coldwater’s Leaders Complicity of Conformity Causing Chaos for the Citizens

By Gloria Zuurveen

L-R) Tate County Supervisor Tony Sandridge and Mayor, Town of Coldwater, Glendon Billingsley.

Recently, I followed up on the town of Coldwater. That’s the town I reported on several weeks ago about the chaos which is happening with the leadership and two town clerks who were fired without cause after refusing to give the combination to the town vault to the mayor when asked.

It was while going through an abundance of emails that I noticed one from Coldwater and it referenced a complaint from the citizens of the town of Coldwater filed on January 3, 2022. The complaint was seeking redress from the appropriate authority.

My prying eyes, after opening the email, saw that its subject matter was a complaint against the continuation of Coldwater’s leaders complicity of conformity causing chaos and conflict for the citizens of Coldwater and even exposing them to unfair collection of taxes.

That’s right. After Coldwater and its mayor being in hot water, now it appears that they are boiling and the citizens wants something done, thus they launched a formal complaint with the help of an attorney, the astute University of Mississippi legal expert who is also handling the two town clerks lawsuits. Attorney Ronald Lewis has taken the case and now the citizens are armed and ready to fight for their rights against the complicity of conformity which is causing chaos for the citizens.

Board of Aldermen, Town of Coldwater Photo from Tate Record

Coldwater’s leaders, that is the mayor and several of the newly elected Aldermen, appears to be lock, stock, and barrel, when action was taken by them to increase the citizens taxes illegally. The tacit and complicit approval are causing chaos and its citizens are not going for it. They are fed up and they say they want action by the proper legal authority, the court, to stop the detrimental behavior which is destroying Coldwater’s town and its legacy of leadership as a majority Black township that has enormous potential for growth and prosperity as it sits just a stone throw away from some of the most prolific sites like Graceland, Beale Street, Fed Ex Forum, Memphis International Airport, Mud Island and not to mention notable people who have graced the streets of Coldwater to call it home.

They are: Felicia C. Adams, U.S. Attorney for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi; Dorris Bowdon, actress best known for her role as Rosasharn in the film adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath; Don Castle, baseball player; Bill Coday, blues singer; Trell Kimmons, Olympic track and field runner; Cameron Lawrence, NFL linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys; C. Damon Miguel Moore, M.D., Coldwater’s first recipient of a Rhodes scholarship (and the first African-American from Mississippi to have won); Damon Moore Dumas Malone, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and noted Jeffersonian scholar; Big Time Sarah, blues singer; T. Webber Wilson, three-term U.S. Representative from Mississippi from 1923-1929; Mitch Young, gridiron football player; Kamala (1950-2020), The Ugandan Giant, WWE wrestler and Dr. Jessie Edward, the first Black mayor.

This rich history is why the citizens of Coldwater are fighting and they want to stop the hostile and volatile take over of their town with what they believe is incompetent leadership and its complicit followers, the board of aldermen, who are causing chaos for its citizens.

To stay abreast of this evolving story check out the archive at  and read our previous Southern Truth article about “Coldwater is in Hotwater” and stay tune for this continuing saga with names and all the characters whose playing the complicity game.


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