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Mississippi Has Become An Oasis Of Freedom and Justice

Mississippi Has Become An Oasis Of Freedom and Justice

By Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. 

Dr. Martin Luther King communicated often to his audiences and readers this quote: “We must all come to see that the end we seek is a society of peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience. That will be a day not of the white man or the black man.  That will be a day of man as man.”  The overturning of Roe VS Wade was inevitable due to an extreme deception at its core.  In the mind of the plaintiffs, the end result would justify their machinations, and prove again, justice is blind.  Norma McCorvey never had an abortion!  Norma McCorvey was totally scripted by lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, no doubt a lucrative arrangement for Ms. McCovey.  Norma would later devote her life to be an activist for the pro-life cause and regretted going along with the ruse of Roe vs Wade.  Thomas Carlyle said, “No lie can live forever.”  William Cullen Bryant said, “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.”  Both quotes Dr. King used often.  Both quotes can assuredly by applied to Roe VS Wade.

Yet, when we review two of the most oft repeated speeches of the most iconic civil rights leader of our time, we find that God’s agent was given insight into future events and one was the overturning of the erroneous decision by the Supreme Court of Roe Vs Wade and the state that would play the key role.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights such is life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

This passage of our Declaration of Independence is quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King in his prophetic speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  The title, as many as you well know, is “I have a Dream.”  To make it palatable to the masses, God led King to say, “I have a dream.”  I believe he could have just as easily said, “I’ve seen a vision.”  The Civil Rights Movement was a movement and it should be acknowledged, it was a “God inspired” movement.  God was intervening in the affairs of men to undo injustices and thus deliver the oppressed.  Jim Crow laws and segregation were glaring proofs of America’s blatant hypocrisy.  All men were not viewed as equal.  All men were not given equal access to the American dream.  African-Americans were denied privileges, refused access to institutions, denied their right to vote and their communities were terrorized to ensure their demeaning existence as second-class citizens would continue.  A movement from the Spirit of the Living God was necessary to bring in a new order and consciousness; a new order and consciousness which would dismantle oppressive regimes and break the chains of injustice.  The church again would be the catalyst for change.  The church would rise and resist the oppression and obey the commands of the Savior to confront the culture and make their presence known in the Public Square.  The Church would demand the injustice cease and the oppressed go free.

The Prophet King had an unwavering faith in God, the church, and the Nation.  These sentiments were often expressed in his heart-stirring sermons and speeches.  His piercing homilies would often challenge the Church to live up to her high calling.  And he was known for rebuking the sleeping church for its silence and cowardice in the face of injustice.  He chided the church, challenging her to return to her former grander and prowess.  These words speak loud and clear to us today!

In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, he said, “In those days the church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion, it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society.”  He also made this revelatory observation which gives our present generation the key to success.  He said, “They were too God-intoxicated to be astronomically intimidated.”  The “Movement” produced spirit-filled men and women just as it was in the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts.  After the Holy Spirit came upon them, they were a sign of the ‘new order.’  They were witnesses of the new day.  They were a people who would confront social injustice and religious bigotry.  They were not drunk with wine, as many supposed, but they were filled with the Spirit.  Again, he says, “…they were too God-intoxicated to be astronomically intimidated…”  It would be a decade before Roe VS Wade would be the law of the land.  Yet this Prophet poured out his heart in a jail cell, and from the depths of his spirit, rebuked those silently complicit in the status quo within the church calling to attention the courage of the early church and their putting an end to such evils as infanticide – an evil we’re seeing again in our time in late-term abortion.  Now, when so many of our contemporary clergy are being coerced to call good, that which Martin Luther King called evil, it is time for change!  Let’s now glean from the “I have A Dream,” and, “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top,” revelatory proclamations.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s prophetic messages illuminates God’s will for us today.  It is our hope!  Dr. King’s Vision, his Dream gives us hope for this immediate hour, but as with any divinely prophetic utterance, it must be mixed with faith.  We must stand for the same principals.  Now please take careful note.

Dr. King said this: “So I say to you my friends, that even though we must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.  It’s a dream deeply rooted in the American Dream, that one day this nation will rise up and live out its creed.  We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.”  I have a dream, or, I had a vision.  A vision of a land that matured and repented and began to “live out its creed.”  To model its Declaration of Independence!  A land where babies who are conceived, no matter where in the social strata, are given the opportunity to pursue happiness.  Children, who may not be born in the most ideal circumstances, are not subject to the destructive whims of parent or government, but are given the right afforded to them by the Declaration of Independence which declares their God-given rights to pursue life and happiness.

Dick Gregory the famous Black comedian and activist said, “…Now the womb of the black women is seen as the latest battleground for oppression.  In times past, the Blacks couldn’t grow kids fast enough for their “masters” to harvest, now that Black empowerment is near, the “masters” want us to call for a moratorium on having babies. When looked at in context, the whole abortion mess adds up to blatant genocide…”

Dr. King then went on to say, “I have a dream that one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”  That vision was seemingly so futuristic at that time that many thought King was referring to the great – bye and bye – a place that the Bible calls heaven.  The Black Panthers and Black Muslims of the era viewed King’s methods and words as irrelevant.  They saw his hopes as a “pie in the sky” theology.  But these were not visions of eternal bliss, but of Divine earthly fulfillment.  It was not a dream of heaven’s shore but a vision of our soon-coming future.  This is clearly declared to be manifested in this dispensation when he makes this heart moving statement, “I have a dream, my four little Children will one day live in a nation where they won’t be judged by the color of their skin but of the content of their character.”

This certainly is not heaven.  Everyone will be the same color and character certainly will not be an issue.  In heaven corruption will have put on incorruption and mortal will have put on immortality.  This a day we shall experience and see in this nation.  It was a vision of this US.  It was America!

We should all know that this man was a prophet of God.

The last words of great men of God are to be revered and coveted dearly.  Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy, Peter’s Second Epistle, Jacob’s charge and prophetic words to his grandchildren, Moses to Joshua, and Martin Luther King to America.  What he said in his sermon labeled “I’ve been to the Mountain Top,” the night before his death in Memphis, brings hope and light to all of America, especially the church.

“Well, I don’t know what will happen now.  We’ve got some difficult days ahead.  But it really doesn’t matter with me now.  Because I’ve been to the mountain top and I don’t mind.  Like anybody I would like to live a long life.  Longevity has its place.  But I’m not concerned about that now.  I just want to do God’s will. And he’s allowed me to go to the mountaintop and I’ve looked over and I’ve seen the Promised Land.  I may not get there with you.  But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the Promised Land.  And I am happy tonight I’m not worried about anything I’m not fearing any man.  Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord!”

Dr. King said he had been to the mountaintop.  Like Moses his time would soon elapse, God allowed him to see the “promised land.”  What Promised Land?  The land of that Nation (United States) God showed him in “The Dream.”  His vision or dream, he preached about in 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a land where America lives out its creed.  Dr. King saw the time when our national laws would respect the endowed right of the creator given to every human being at creation.  Those rights are not circumvented by mother, father, or government.  The right is given by the creator.  A land where the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners are sitting down at the table of brotherhood.  We are at a time when there will be racial reconciliation as never before seen in this country.  The efforts of Black Life Matters, Antifa, Critical Race Theory, and other deliberate ploys to cause chaos and hatred, Will Not Prevail!

Now for my favorite!  Mississippi isn’t burning, but as Dr. Martin Luther King Decreed August 28th 1963, is an “oasis of freedom and justice”.  Yes, an oasis in the midst of a desert of infanticide and injustice.  Mississippi, where Martin declared in ‘63 a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, is where the case Dobbs VS Jackson emerges, makes its way to the Supreme Court, and overturns Roe VS Wade.  This landmark decision surpasses, in my estimation, Brown VS Board of Education and parallels the impact of Dred Scott.  Yet we all should drink in relief of this Oasis of truth.

It’s arriving soon!  Don’t look at outward appearances.  We will live in a land where we will not judge by the color of their skin but the content of their character.  A land Martin said, he would not get there to experience with them in his lifetime, but he adamantly proclaimed’ we as a people’ would get there to experience the Dream.  We will get to the promised land!

Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated the next day!  The baton, thus dropped, was not passed.  Many attempted to pick it up, but batons are meant to be passed, not assumed.  Jim Crow laws, due to the valiant efforts of the civil rights movement, were abolished.  But evil would mutate, transmogrifying into a new and even more sinister form – Abortion – which would knowingly ravage, oppress, and mutilate more innocent lives than any past oppression in the history of mankind.  And in its shape-shifting, it would dare to disguise itself as a Civil Right.  “A choice” – its root embedded in evil, to date has wiped out over 63,000,000.00 babies – “Abortion.”  Yet now we see that the Dream is being fulfilled, for Roe has been overturned!  The battle is not over but with this we know, Martin Luther King said he also saw something coming!  The last comments of his Prophetic message should provoke us to get ready and be at our best, because the best is yet to come, he states,”

“…And I am happy tonight.  I’m not worried about anything.  I’m not fearing any man.  “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord…!”

There is an Awakening now being ushered into the world that will continue the shifting of perception which will enlighten the eyes of the people and there will be a sweeping move of God’s grace and salvation.  His people are returning due to the Glory that’s now showing up and it will surpass all other moves of God.  It’s the Glory that proceeds the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

It was some time ago our youth attended the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Youth Conference.  The name of the conference, once called “Gang” was prophetically changed and renamed, “The Movement.”  The Sunday we left to go, the Lord impressed upon my heart Isaiah 60:1.  I turned to the youth who were in the choir and said, “…the Lord is saying, Arise, Shine, thy Light has come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”  When we arrived in Atlanta at the first AM service, Bishop Eddie Long came to the podium, and said to the thousands of youth present, “…Arise, Shine, thy Light has come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”  Those children are now in their mid to late thirties!

It’s the Glory that Martin saw coming but had not arrived in ‘68 but it now has come.  There is a movement to complete the last.  To set at liberty them that are captive, the opening of the prison to them that our bound.  Yes, and those who are receiving death sentences in the prison of the womb will be free!  Our babies will be free, our children free, our people free!  “Whom the son sets free is free indeed.”

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God All Mighty we are free at Last!

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ. He is the founder of the website and president of Life Education And Resource Network, Northeast. LEARN is the largest African-American pro-life group in the US. Rev. Childress is a leader in social activism and partners with the Center For Bioethical Reform, taking the Genocide Awareness Projects to college campuses around the country.

Rev. Childress and his wife Regina have 4 children: Clenard, Thomas, Tonya, and Tia.

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