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FreXinet, Spoken Word Lyricist, Actor, Headline 2022 Virtual GLORY AWARDS To Honor “Light Leaders”


By Gloria Zuurveen

FreXinet is her name and her gifts and talents are the same, unique.

She is smooth and precise as her words roll off her lips with power like you’ve  never heard  because you haven they are unique and special for this occasion to shine a light on hate to wash it away with the strength and glory as the perfecting words of FreXinet. She lights the way with her profound, provocative and powerful words.

I knew when she opened her mouth and I heard what she said, it was a done deal and FreXinet and I stamped our meeting with a seal. A seal because her message was so real.

I called Charles Douglas, the founder of PALEF, a performing arts foundation that trains youth and young adults in acting and the performing arts to thank him for the fabulous FreXinet recommendation.

The Parent Action Coalition for Education invites you tune and listen to this spectacular artist and lyricist perform at the Parent Action Coalition for Education (PACE) 2022 Virtual GLORY AWARDS on Saturday, October 22, 2022. FreXinet is a lyricist, actor, and all-around entertainer. She has been working professionally since the age of 14. This year she has been keeping herself busy working on her music and developing her artistic portfolio. Some of her hobbies include drawing, painting, and writing.

Her life long goal is to create a school that offers performing arts lessons to under-served youth. Friends would describe her as fun-loving, energetic, and out-going. In 2012, FreXinet received her B.A. in Theatre Arts and Dance from California State University, Los Angeles. Currently, she is working on her musical debut and looking for projects to challenge and maximize the talent she has to offer.



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