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Dr. Zuurveen Introduces The People’s Grassroots Assembly Organizing To Promote a New Way and a New Day

“The Grassroots Building One Black Community

at a Time With Everybody’s Dimes”

By Dr. Gloria  Zuurveen

The People’s Grassroots Assembly better known as (PGA) is an organization of like-minded men, women, boys and girls, who are propelled by the love of Black people who have come together and decided to fill in the gap and to establish this assembly to promote a new way and a new day.”

Like Oscar Solomon Straus, who Naomi W. Cohen writes about in “Duel Heritage” about the public career of Oscar Solomon Straus , whose American dream came true as a peddler’s son who became a merchant prince and an immigrant Jew who served in the president’s cabinet and whose loyalties as an American and a Jew were blended harmoniously but throughout his career he never lost sight of the needs of his fellow Jews. He typified the modern Court Jew or self-appointed steward who, out of a sense of noblesse oblige, gave of his influence on behalf of his coreligionist. To alleviate the plight of east-European Jewry, to find havens of refuge for the persecuted, and to secure legal recognition of Jewish rights were among his constant concerns, PGA’s constant concerns are Black people. Just as Straus’s was for the Jews.  Blacks will stand in solidarity with one another by the power invested in them  to establish the People’s Grassroots Assembly, a  grassroots organization for the sole purpose of creating and implementing policies that directly increase Black people’s economic growth and development with the community’s freewill donation and offerings to be used to build up plighted communities throughout the United States of America.

The PGA will use PACE NEWS, the internet, and all sources and resources available to educate and to elevate like-minded people with a common goal which is to elevate the Black masses enabling them to use the “REVENUE IN YOU” mentality to bring out the God-given gifts and talents they are born with to produce and manufacture the necessities for the upbuilding of the Black communities all across this land one community at a time and on everybody’s dime.   These are but a few and simple solutions, we, the grassroots proposes to organize for positive change in the local communities of each affiliate chapter. Currently with Brother Ray Fauntroy, the founder and lead organizer is heading up the Miami chapter, Brother Westly Boyd, Organizer, Atlanta and myself, the Los Angeles, and all who are like-minded are welcome to join to make the positive change economically and politically.

Our mission is to build the walls of our communities one project at a time economically and politically. Far too many times we have watched without the ability to help stop our communities from going to ruins while others come in and possess the land. This is why the grassroot must take a stand and come together every Black woman, boy, girl and man and put together the Black Agenda Plan.

To get involved, please contact Brother Ray Fauntroy at (786) 389-3274.


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  1. Doris Moore Bailey on November 17, 2022 at 1:14 pm

    Congratulations Brother Ray! Time is of the essence.

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