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The Southern Truth: Vigilante Justice In Arkabutla, Mississippi is a Systemic Condition of Hatred from the Heart, Not Guns

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen
Founder, CEO & Publisher
Photo by Christopher Bordeaux

By Gloria Zuurveen

The vigilante justice in Arkabutla, Mississippi on Friday where a man shot and killed six people is systemic condition of hatred from the heart, not guns.

The battle waging in our nation today is much bigger than what the Democrats and Republicans are pushing as their pet agendas and while they perpetually talk and negotiate, lives are being blown away and this is each and every day. Enough is enough for the dog and pony show from the right and from the left. Its time to come to what I believe to be the sole problem and that is a need to heed and cease the bleed with a willful and life-saving deed. Love.

Yes love, not the Hollywood fake, psuedo-love, but real love, love from the heart. Love like what John wrote in the Bible in the first Epistle when he said, “Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. No man has see God at any time. If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. This is the real problem hatred instead of love for each other.  This is a condition of the heart, the biles of compassion, and when there is no love there is no compassion and then comes the guns. But our politicians have given way to pet rock agendas without their hearts being in the core center of their intent to stop the violence and increase the peace through love which breed action to transcend the hatred that have fermented into violence, thus we have a horrible and terrible scene like the shooting and killing in Mississippi. It happened in Coldwater near my hometown of Senatobia and I was visiting on the day it happened. Black and white people alike in a local thriftstore where I was shopping in a nearby town of  Hernando, Mississippi approximately 8 miles north of of Arkabutla were talking and they were in expressed shock as they heard the news.  Several of them lived in the town that has a population of approximately 300 people. It’s rural and not very much happens there accepts great fishing in the Arkabutla lake. This systemic condition of hatred from the heart can be and should be avoided only if the hatred is removed from the hearts of men and not just the guns as Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA-13) in an article from Tanu Henry, California Black Media, recently about the mass shooting incidents in America, “House Democrats have met the moment and passed critical gun reform in the 117th Congress.” Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Twitter, “Tragedy upon tragedy.” “I’m dam sick and tired of this stuff. I’m sick and tired of this. I don’t ever want to see this again.” these and other methods of prevention like the gun law Mike Gipson (D-Carson) member of the California Black Caucus (CLBC) and one of the most spoken supporters of strong gun laws serving  in California State Legislature, which is the AB1621, he authored will tightened existing restrictions on ghost guns, firearms that are privately manufactured or assemble. These types of preventions have not worked and, I believe, its because too much is relying on government intervention instead of following God with good intentions; therefore, we get vigilante justice like in Arkabutla, Mississippi which is a systemic condition of hatred from the heart, not guns. Love is the key to unlock the misery. The solution has been laid out in red and it’s in the WORDS that Jesus said, “This is the commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this , that a man will lay down his life for his friends.” Take this message to heart and watch what will happen. Violence and hatred, which now abound, will cease. No, it’s not politically correct and it might sound offensive, sure, but it is worth a try or just keep on getting Vigilante Justice like that which took place in Arkabutla, Mississippi which is a systemic condition of hatred from the heart, not guns.

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