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Political Candidates Continues to Win with the Rev. Dr. Jewett L. Walker, Campaign Manager

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Rev. Dr. Jewett Walker (right), campaign manager, for the late Dr. Marguerite LaMotte, and Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, at her victory party for the LAUSD School Board seat in 2003. Photo courtesy Jewett Walker

By Gloria Zuurveen

Gloria Gray wins election for Inglewood City Council.

Gloria Gray won.

Yes, she did.

She won the Inglewood City Council seat by a landslide. The residents of Inglewood spoke loud and clear with the message that they are on Gray’s side.

Dr. Jewett Walker’s winning candidates.

Gray beat incumbent George Dotson fair and square and a lot of credit goes out to her veteran political campaign manager, the Rev. Dr. Jewett L. Walker, who through her political career has always been there.

He has been there for Gray and many others to help them with their political message.  Dr. Walker has been around town for quite some time. I remember his smooth and cool operation when he worked on the late Dr. Marguerite LaMotte to win over Dr. Genethia Hayes for the Los Angeles Unified School District Board seat  back during my daughter’s Crenshaw High School days. Yes, Dr. Walker has been there winning steadily. Ask famous Dr. George McKenna who currently holds the seat Walker helped him win and he can testify from his own experience that if one wants to win and make no mistake they should consult with the Rev. Dr. Walker and he is no fake. He is a veteran and he is the one to go to when you are considering a political challenge against who knows who. It really doesn’t matter because the Rev. Dr. Walker is in it to WIN. Yes he is in to win it, like he has done with Gloria Gray and all his other clients  from Inglewood, Los Angeles, Culver City and other places too. He is diverse and he has the nerves to get the job done and that’s why his successful candidates picks him to be their number one.  Yes they do. They want to “Win with Walker” their #1 choice to help them raise their political voice.

The Rev. Dr. Walker is a California native who has paid his dues. He is the President and CEO of Walker Communications Group, a full service Political Consulting, Campaign Management, Public Affairs and Government Relations consulting firm. His experience includes successful management of bond campaigns, tax measures, propositions, school board, city council, college board, city attorney, city treasurer, city clerk, mayoral, assembly and senate races in

Dr. George McKenna

Southern California, using campaign elements developed specifically for the individual race. In community relations, Walker has provided service to political, educational, non-profit and corporate clients and has worked with groups in the areas of land use planning and consensus building. He has managed or worked on successful school bond measures for Inglewood, Compton and Los Angeles Unified School District. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from California State University Long Beach in Speech Communications, a Masters Degree in Divinity, and has received additional training in political campaign management and fundraising. He is a former Board Chairman of the Southeast District of the American Red Cross, a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, New Frontier Democratic Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, United Negro College Fund Advisory Board and a host of other community based groups and organizations. He conducts training seminars for candidates and campaign workers, was an Associate Minister at True Vine Baptist Church of Inglewood, CA and currently the Pastor of New Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Manchester Avenue in South Los Angeles.

Yes, he has been around and he is a sound veteran political hound.  When Dr. Walker steps in the political game he has already assessed the strategy to get his candidates over the finish line like candidate, Gloria Gray, who won over Dotson in a landslide. “Win With Walker”.

The Southern Truth



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  1. Donna Johnson on March 18, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    Mmmmm…Very impressive Dr. Walker. This shows you know what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

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