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Watch: Massive Brawl Erupts On Alabama Riverfront After Cruise Ship Can’t Dock In Spot

The Harriott II was unable to park in the slip it was designated to park in.


I was not all fun and games in Alabama over the weekend after a massive riverfront brawl broke out on a dock between the crews of two different ships — as passengers cheered on and encouraged the chaos. Videos of the incident went viral on social media that show an angry boat owner attacking and pushing a crew member from the Harriott II Riverboat. The boat driver from the other ship allegedly was told that he was not permitted to park his boat in the slip that he chose to park in.

In another clip that shows the lead-up to the incident, a riverboat employee can be seen jumping off the boat to the dock and confronting the man with the boat.

“That guy in the white shirt is crew from our river cruise who got off our ship to go over there to move that black pontoon boat because those guys who parked there were told not to leave it there,” the woman narrating the video says, as the crew member attempts to undock the boat. “He’s just pushing it off, that is funny. Taking matters into his own hands.”

Passengers on the boat can be heard egging the crew member on as he begins to fight with the pontoon boat owner.

According to NPR, multiple people have been arrested in connection to the brawl with four arrest warrants still active.

No names have been released in relation to the incident.

Entrepreneur has reached out Harriott II Riverboat for comment.

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