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  Elder Tarik El of Opalusan,

INDIGO, 1st Peoples Heritage! 

KNOW OUR CREATOR GIVEN RIGHTS, BIRTH RITES and PROTECT that which YOUR Gr8 Ancestors on THIS LAND, provided for us Today

THIS IS A PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL and ESPECIALLY to the Purported PUBLIC SERVANTS!! THOSE who supposedly swear a solemn OATH to The CONSTITUTION to PROTECT and SERVE the PEOPLE according to the Restrictions on THEM, who serve. This PROTECTs our Creator given HUEman and CIVIL RIGHTS!

WE THE COPPER TONED PEOPLE, the 1st PEOPLE of this LAND, the UNDERWRITERS of THE RECORD, HOLD ALL SUBROGATED RIGHTS over the TITLE to the CASES and OVER ALL persons=masks, Operating as PUBLIC ACTORS!!  We have learned from our TRUE Past, in this land and have come to know Whom WE are as People & HEREBY PROCLAIM and Declare:

“We, the Melanated/Copper toned People, the ABriginal=from the beginning, “AMURIKAHNS”,1st Peoples, from the 500 such Nations, just here on TURTLE ISLAND,USA.  We, will No longer Accept, Agree, and Consent to our own destruction and demise!   From this day forward, LET IT BE KNOWN, We will no longer be the victims of Malfeasance, Mal Administration and especially, the wanton Murder of OUR people and their family members, by those who have sworn a solemn OATH to PROTECT AND SERVE, WE THE PEOPLE!! 

We have been given our UN alien able Rights from Our Creators to live in Peace and Harmony with NATURE!   We are FROM those who came from the 7 Civilized Nations, and developed the Gr8 LAW of PEACE, the LAW from which the U.S. CONSTITUTION was copied and for those, who chose the life of Service to the PEOPLE!  They must and will be held accountable from this day forward!!  NO MORE DEEP STATERS!!  We are, and will be Using the ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT, the NATIONAL LAW, which gives the People the right to ask and demand the Credentials and I.D. of those who are on the Public DOLE, supposedly, doing the work of WE, the PEOPLE, and we will BILL them daily until they provide the information we Request and DEMAND! 

THIS is all Pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, signed into LAW by 2 Presidents, ACCIDENTS, I MEAN, HARRY S. TRUMAN on June 11,1946 and again by WILLIAM J. CLINTON, be4 he left office and gave G.W. BUSH a Surplus Budget=political capital, when he left office!  That TRICKERY will have to be dealt with a bit later, as it has to do with OUR lack of knowledge in LAW and CIVICS!!  “OUR PEOPLE PERISH FOR THEIR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”, and IGNORANCE OF THE LAW is NO EXCUSE, for them or US!!  

First, let us look back to the TRUE history of the Land?

This gr8 landmass from Allyaska, across British, so called Columbia, down to the Grand CARIBbean Sea across to the isthmus Panama, down through the Gr8 other half of this ONCE gr8 landmass, From the ATLANTIC to the GRAND PACIFIC, from the NORTH POLE to ANTARTICA, we have learned that in 1926 upon his arrival in HAVANA, CUBA to the meeting of the ORGANISATION of AMERICAN STATES (OAS), NOBLE Drew Ali, FROM the Patented and Trademarked MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA was welcomed and handed the MANDATE to ALL the aforementioned land mass, the true OLD WORLD, by the delegation of the NOBLE melanated Representatives of All of the 1st Peoples of the AMERICAs, who were gathered there 4 the OAS meeting!  NO FIDEL CASTRO, then!!   This Phenomenal incident happened in the presence of the US OAS Secretary and a Senator who was running for President at that time.  They all arrived at the same time!  However, by the time Drew Ali returned to the US, the OAS Secy, and Senator had both  reported it, scuttled it, and the Authorities in Philadelphia, turned into an attack on the Drew Ali!  He was falsely charged with domestic violence, to take him into custody, where he was beaten to within an inch of his life and later died from his beating from that brief time in custody!

This is known and documented by many of the Elders and other Grand Brothers of the Patented and Trademarked MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA. Do your due diligence as this is Very Important to OURstory here in this LAND, to OUR NATIONALITY!!  See: My 2cents by Toriano, ObiShango El on YOU TUBE for clear evidence of what I write herein!!

As OURstory tells us clearly, IF, we are the 1st Peoples on the lands as noted above, then WHAT has happened to us??  Well, that, is THE story for the next segment of this PUBLIC NOTICE!  


SPEAKING OF WHICH, the so-called HISTORY MONTH, given us, calling us Adjectives, negro, black=bleached out/pale, colored, African-Amer.,

The JOKES on ALL US WE, in the shortest month of the Callender year, coming up.  We must start celebrating and teaching OUR true STORY!! MLK, told you, IT is A MONSTER STORY, which dwarfs ALL the story of the Peons from EUROPA! “Before the Pilgrims (EUROPAs PEONS) came, WE WERE HERE!!”

EUROPA, you say?  WHO DAT??  SHE is, THE MELANATED GODDESS OF MACEDONIA area, WHOM the Sub Continent is NAMED FOR!!! NOT “EU ROPE”! (only in ANGLISH slang)  WHOM could have given it that name? Only the 1st Peoples of the subcontinent!  STOP with the SLANGUAGE and learn and speak the correct LANGUAGE and YOUR STORY and REclaim your NATIONALITY and YOUR BIRTH RITE!!  Know that it is your GRAND Ancestors who gave the World, the 7 Liberal Arts, Language, which is 3=TRIVIUM, RHETORIC, LOGIC and GRAMMAR and the Quadrivium, MATHEMATICS, GEOMETRY, MUSIC AND ASTRONOMY!!  AM I CLEAR?? Without the above, there would be little of what we see and are a part of today! ARE YOU GETTING the PICTURE??  SO, below, I am providing some of the Story you must KNOW so as to, shake off these shackles of MIND CONTROL=mk ULTRA, PROJECT MONARCH, all brought to you by the import of the NAZI GERMAN hierarchy brought here in l944, by Eisenhower, ALLIED COMMANDER, President ROSENFELD/ ROOSEVELT, YIDDISH DUTCH, and the Allied FORCES, including STALIN of the SOVIET UNION, at that time!  He sent his “QUOTA” of them to what is now Yiddish run UKRAINE!  And because it has been hidden and omitted from our purview, we know very little if, any of this!!  In Fact, WHO won WW2, is in fact a conundrum for the WEST, as the NAZI hierarchy was spread to all the ALLIED NATIONS and the NEUTRAL ones as well!!  But 1st, we must again look back to OURSTORY to get the Proper OVERstanding of what has happened.  We do this very easily by getting into, reading, studying of OURSTORY!  The Gr8 Place to start is thru J. A. ROGERS, with all of his wonderful OURstory books, he wrote and had published in the early 20th Century! Through the artful and gracious Publishing of Her (HELGA) and her Gr8 husband, Joel from Jamaica!!  He landed here in early 1900s, barefoot and broke and rose to be the foremost lay OURSTORIAN of our time!   A legacy to All Us We, which is immeasurable & MOOR!!  THE 100 AMAZING FACTS, NATURE KNOWS NO COLORLINE, SEX and RACE vol 1.2.3. (‘Race’ fiction), AS NATURE LEADS, FROM SUPERMAN TO MAN, AFRICAS GIFT TO AMERICA, & KU KLUX SPIRIT, one of THE most important pamphlets one will ever, remember they read!!  The above important literature he and his Wife Helga, provided us, are the keys to OUR OVERSTANDING of WHO and WHOSE we are, as People!  The above is just a start, but will lead you to the OVERSTANDING of YOUR STORY, YOU MUST LEARN TO KNOW the SOULUTIONS!! The Age of to KNOW!!

NOW, to the SOLUTIONs to this abominable situation we, the Copper toned people, have found ourselves in and part of!   WE, the VICTIMS, and participators in, and of, since the Arrival to these shores by the Throwaways and waste of the BRUTISH MOORS of ENGLAND! 

The BRITS=BNAI BERITH, the Blue lodge/FREE MASONIC secret society INVASION, led by ALBERT PIKE, is a name and information we should all know!  Look it up??

Anything, in the Administrative Organization=GOVERNANCE of the CORPORATION/Country, we have the right to request, or demand, that ANY PUBLIC SERVANT, CORPORATE CEOs, CFOs, COUNSELs, especially those, who have CORPORATE or Administrative Authority must have Oaths, BONDS, insurance, must respond to ANY presentment from the PUBLIC, within 72 hours, pursuant to SCOTUS ruling in GARDENER v BRODERICK, 1968 and pursuant to the ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT, Signed into LAW by President Harry S. Truman in 1946 and again by William Clinton be4 he left office!   Then, look up the SNYDER ACT of 1924, and see, what, we the INDIGO People, are entitled to!!

LOOK THIS UP FOR YOURSELVES!!!  KNOW THIS for YOUR OWN SURVIVAL!!  It is a very simple process, at the fingertips of all who have a SMART Phone, but VERY POWERFUL!!  NO EXCUSES!!!  It puts into & on the PUBLIC RECORD, that those who PRETEND to be in PUBLIC OFFICE and haven’t done the PRErequisites to do so, ARE operating OUT OF LAW, in TREASON to the CONSTITUTION, they supposedly, swore a solemn OATH to Protect against ALL enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC!!  THE ENTIRE CABINET of the BIDEN SHOW have no OATHS!!  CALL THE PROVOST MARSHALL and demand they be REMOVED!!  CALL military into ACTION!!

This simple process of Requesting and or demanding their PAPERS=the 10-12 things, they are supposed to have on file with the Secretary of State, B4, they enter upon the duties they have taken on for the PEOPLE!! With the USE of the NOTARY PUBLIC and the OFFICE OF the SECRETARY OF STATE, all these Traitors and DEEP staters will expose themselves to and on the PUBLIC RECORD and they THEN, ACCEPT, AGREE, CONSENT to the Billing/Liability and WAIVE ALL DEFENSES! 


Since the INCORPORATION OF THE entire U.S. IN 1871, a CONGRESSIONAL/CORPORATE COUP d’ETAT which has turned this country into a FASCIST/CORPORATE police STATE!  Former PRESIDENT TRUMP, seized and threw off this CORPSE, pretending to be in Power, under his tenure!  Why do you think they, those in ADMINISTRATION, attempt, at every turn, to slander and criminalize him now??  When he returns to his OFFICE as PRESIDENT, there will be hell to pay for all those treasonous TRAITORS, who have themselves admitted to the aforementioned Congressional coup!  So, if we continue accepting, agreeing and consenting to the CONditioning of the MEGALO MEDIA, there will be continuous ominous results, for those among Us who accept the DEEP STATE and other ENEMIES of the PEOPLE and the CONSTITUTION of the USA, OURLAND, TURTLE ISLAND!!  AND yes, I welcome any of you Pretenders and proselytizers to come with your BS to counter the above!!

Bring it on, you BOULE’ Need to Grows!!

Tarik El, 
Indigo Elder of 8 decades on Earth.
Travelled, Well studied and Read,
One of the PEOPLE of the LAND!!

Published in PACE NEWS L.A.!! 

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  1. KamaL on November 21, 2023 at 2:28 am

    King Tarik is one Walking Encyclopedia, with a whole lot of Knowledge Wisdom & Overstanding that I Trust…& you will as well…Stay Wise

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