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Marilyn Sessom: My Mentor and My Friend, Celebrates 70th Birthday

The Southern Truth

Marilyn giving a thumbs up at her 70th birthday party as she dance the night away with family and friends including Barbara Green (right). All photos by Gloria Zuurveen

By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

Marilyn Sessom celebrated her 70th birthday not long ago and I was on the scene. I had been scheduled to attend a conference in Nashville, Tennessee for the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and my first cousin Vedia Brunt said Marilyn was having her 70th birthday party and it was perfect timing for me to be in Senatobia, my home town.

After my attendance at the NNPA conference in Nashville, we drove back to Senatobia to attend Marilyn’s birthday party in Coldwater about 5 miles from Senatobia.

Marilyn is one of my hometown mentors and friends. When I was growing up it was Marilyn who inspired me to dress my best because every Monday at Melvin Cathey Colored School named after Mr. Cathey, the first Black principal at our school in Senatobia.  Marilyn would wear a brand new dress, in those days, pants were forbidden, but I remember Marilyn and she set an example on how to dress and how to shine always looking your best. I praise God for Marilyn, my mentor and my friend, on her 70th birthday.

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