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Memphians Needs Judge Joe Brown in the Bluff City Town and His BBQ Too!

The Southern Truth

Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

On a recent trip to Memphis, I called Judge Joe Brown thanks to Brother West, I had his number. So I called him and said I was in town for couple of days and would love to meet with him for lunch if he was open. He obliged my invitation and we met up at the Olive Garden in Germantown off Poplar. It was a beautiful sunny day in December. Judge Joe Brown and I had a very inspiring lunch about how great Memphis is albeit for the corruption that is causing it to be ran in the ground especially by those who Judge Brown say are not in it for the constituents as much as they are in business for themselves while the great bluff city are getting ran to the ground.  He has so much wisdom that he is willing to share in spite of people trying to call him a joke and say he speaks off the cuff without restraint all the time, a vivid picture, Judge Joe knows how to paint. On one YouTube show, called Valuetainment, the Judge, talked about how the left have gone so far left in the corner that they are now trying to groom children in schools, install secular religion, and that people don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore so they try to give them one, except that with their cause you do not have duty, honor, obligation, responsibility, accountability it’s just do what the hell you want to do and get your freak on. As we continued our lunch, Judge Joe spoke about the great potential of Memphis. He emphasized the many sole source contracts which are being let out without any real transparency.


He appears to genuinely love Memphis after so many years living in this nearly all Black chocolate city. He decries that with so many Black people in positions of power, why is it that so many Blacks are suffering as a majority? He says it is because many of the Blacks in leadership are selling out and that they are not looking out for the masses of the people. He says that he walks the street and that he doesn’t simply sit behind a desk, like most of the leaders do in Memphis, not reaching the people where they are hurting. He said they need to get out in the street and meet the people where they are.


I listened to him on a social media channel on the way back to Los Angeles and I heard him mention the drugs rampage in the city of Memphis and yet many who are doing the drugs are the ones who could actually provide economic growth for the city if someone would only harness the energy and put it to good use by bringing in the drug addicts, the ones who are in need of being useful and put them to work in community service jobs like street cleaning, general maintenance and creating programs for youth, like “Take a son to work” day. These are vital programs he said that would help stop much of the nonsense that is currently going on the city of Memphis. Just as we were about to wrap up our lunch, as usual, Judge Joe Brown was spotted by one of his fans. They came over to the table to introduce themselves and the gentlemen who was with his family said, “I recognize the voice and I had to come over and say hello.” Well, naturally, we couldn’t let the family leave without taking a picture with the Judge. So it was so. Just like Judge Joe Brown’s fan at the Olive Garden, try out Judge Joe Brown’s BBQ and become a fan too.

The Southern Truth


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