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I Am With Monique When It Comes to Tiffany Haddish

The Southern Truth

By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

Tiffany Haddish speaking with former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at City Hall. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

You go girl! Monique gets my vote when she set the record straight with Ms. Tiffany Haddish. Yes, she does. As a newspaper owner since 1995, I’ve been there and done that when it comes to celebrities. But my own experience with Tiffany Haddish gives me confidence to say that Monique is right in every way.

Yes, when she spoke her mind and I believe from Power Divine because for Haddish to use a national magazine like GQ, it was open for Monique to have her say too.

MoNique Screenshot from Facebook

Yes, it was Monique’s time of no holding back like Katt Williams on a previous “Club Shay Shay’ podcast when he exposed Steve Harvey and the little man Kevin Hart. You know, that little short no-joking comedian that all of a sudden he just popped up on the scene and the next thing we know, besides Cedric the Entertainer and Steve, now he, Little-man Hart, was, it seemed, the comedy King instead of the Kings of Comedy.

Mo’Nique Joins Katt Williams On The Road For Comedy Tour Photo from Mo’Nique’s Instagram Page

So for Haddish, that is, the Girl Trip actress who appears to be seeking vain-glory by belittling Monique and her husband too, but today on the Breaking News, it’s now Tiffany who is running around town looking like a clown. Didn’t she know that Monique doesn’t play? She should have asked Netflix who parted ways somewhat amicably without all the expensive trial and jury. But now Haddish is all wrapped up in the heat of the matter which started several weeks ago when Katt Williams sat down with host Shannon Sharpe to set the record straight, and his appearance tilted the internet into a virologically back-at-you if the shoe fits wear it kind of comedy, but in reality, it really wasn’t funny, it was the truth.

Tiffany Haddish speaking with former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at City Hall. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

No, just like nothing was funny about what Haddish said in the GQ interview, but it had a negative effect on Monique when calling out Monique’s name and her husband Sidney Hicks too because in marriage, you are one in the same, but Haddish probably wouldn’t know about that because she is too high with fame. This is her mode and her operation. Why and how do I know? Well, my first and only run-in with her was vile and disrespectful. It was unnecessary and did not require the insult from her after a press conference in City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. At that time, it was all Haddish and a host of other celebrities. She was promoting her latest movie and she was hot stuff, but after I attempted to approach her and make a request to her, touching her on her shoulder, she said very rudely, “Get your hands off of me.” With such disrespect, I felt the disdain. It wasn’t long after that she faced shame. She was said to have been grooming children who had been in her care. When I heard of it, I couldn’t help but remember how she had treated me. Now the darkness and demonic spirit I witnessed in her had come to light and I didn’t even need to pick a fight, although I have the weapon of the pen and she being a celebrity would have been my right.

Tiffany Haddish walking away after I spoke with her and she said, “Don’t touch me. You don’t know me.” Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

But no. Now look at what is going on. She is back in the limelight and it’s right after she was set free, well, a misdemeanor, but it was for a DUI and you have Monique coming back on the scene to expose Haddish and her mean and devious ways, at least that’s how I see them and from the looks of it Monique does too.

When I read what Monique said Haddish had done, I said Oowee, she has met the wrong one. Monique is a fearless fighter and the record reflects she is not the one to easily forget.

So this Tiffany Haddish, who used her lips to talk about Monique’s husband, it was only fair for her to speak her mind, which was about time, as she did in an interview in a USA Today article by Brendan Morrow. The article entitled “Mo’Nique Slams Tiffany Haddish, Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Hart in Scathing Podcast: ‘You betrayed me.'” In this article, Monique calls out not only Tiffany Haddish but others too. But she leaned in hard on Tiffany in the interview with GQ. At the time, Haddish discussed Mo’Nique’s call for a boycott of Netflix by saying, “My business runs different than her business. I don’t live her life. I don’t have that husband of hers.” Mo’Nique fired back, “When I saw that, it’s like, Tiffany, if you had a husband like mine, you may not have two DUIs. If you had a husband like mine, you may not be caught up in what looks like you could have been grooming a child.”

You see, I am with Monique when it comes to Tiffany Haddish because she is right.

The Southern Truth.

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