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Branch of Christ Outreach Ministry : The Lord Is the Strength of My Life of Whom Shall I Be Afraid?

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

By Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, DMin.

The Psalmist King David words in the book of the Bible Psalms 27: 1b gives me comfort in knowing what he knew. They were messages of hope and reality.

He said, The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I was taught the scriptures from a child. Yes, reading to my  Big Mama who could not read nor could she write but her word was her bond at the general store in downtown Senatobia, Mississippi. Yes, this is where I first learn about the importance of a book, as a matter of fact, it was the only book besides those I would read at the segregated Melvin Cathey Colored school I attended.         The Bible, it was precious to me as I read and learn the messages so clear. There were pictures too. Pictures of Daniel in the lion’s dean and David with his slingshot taking down Goliath. They were messages of hope  and reality and I delivered them to Big Mama everyday when I wasn’t playing outside with Mud Pies or homemade Jack Rocks made with several smooth brown rocks.

Big Mama Laura Bell Walker

I could easily go outside and pick them out because the Black side of town did not have paved roads like the white people. No. They were gravel roads so rocks back then were plentiful. This is how I started my journey in faith with some of the Biblical characters standing near by my BigMama’s ear so she could hear me clear. In doing this over and over the Holy Ghost caught me and gave me divine power from on high and in my grown up life I finally found mind, a Bible. Yes, I found the Word, the Bible that had come from a Hollywood alley in back of  the  X-rated Cinema theater on Hollywood and Vine where my husband and I had a contract janitorial service. We had the contracts and they were lucrative. Well this is where the Bible was found out in the back alley lying down on the ground. It came to me in this way and after reading it, I begin to pray. I read the Word in the book of Matthew reading what Jesus said in red, “He that thirst after righteousness shall be filled.” The strength I gain became so real. So this Psalm of David is  so dear to my heart because just like the days of old reading to Big Mama, now I was reading to myself and  just like the Words I read to Big Mama yesterday, now today, to me, the Words became so clear. I thirst and I was filled. My thirst was quenched and the Word of God, through the Holy Spirit, gave me strength just like the Spirit of God inspired the characters Daniel and David. Daniel in the lion’s den and King David the giant killer. The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid. My Big Mama gain strength from the Bible and I saw her strength in the midst of living in secord class conditions in Mississippi yet she never lost faith and she never gave up when looking at the turmoil around her “White Only” “Colored Only” drinking fountains, going in the back door, and many other atrocities like lynching. She instilled in me that there is nothing impossible if you believe. She demonstrated the faith of a mustard seed and today I honor her and her legacy. She was always there on the sideline when I was majorette at only 11 years old in a high school band leading the band she was there with love, care and with just knowing she was there on the sideline letting me know that everything was just fine. This is the little lady that raised us all and it is because of her that this Scripture keeps me in times of trouble. She taught me how to have faith in a living God who keeps be doing great and marvelous thing beyond my imagination.

Thank you Big Mama for the Word of God. “The Lord Is the Strength of My Life of Whom Shall I Be Afraid?”




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