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Black Doctors March Shine Spotlight on Institutionalized Racism

By Solomon O. Smith | California Black Media The #BlackDocsBelong campaign held a rally in     Pasadena last Friday calling on Black medical doctors to join their movement dedicated to keeping and growing the ranks of Black physicians. We actively support and advocate for Black trainees and physicians facing workplace discrimination,” states the website of Black…

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Cal Reparations Task Force: Yale Prof. Traces Long History of Racism in Public Health 

By Antonio Ray Harvey | California Black Media Dr. Carolyn Roberts, a   professor at Yale University, provided to the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans detailed descriptions, both verbal and visual, of the horrific experiences Africans endured during the transatlantic slave trade. A historian of medicine and science, Roberts…

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Lab-Bound Monkeys Escaped Highway Crash—With Viruses?

Published January 22, 2022 by Sara Oliver. Last Updated January 25, 2022. PETA has obtained eyewitness information that a woman at the scene of last week’s truck crash—in which crates containing 100 monkeys who were being transported to a laboratory flew onto the road—got an eyeful of monkey saliva. Her eye is weepy and infected, and she has developed a…

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They Were High-Performing Athletes … Until COVID Vaccines Destroyed Their Health

  A world record-holder in static breath-hold freediving, a veteran triathlete, a professional tennis player, a professional mountain biker — they were all high-performing athletes until COVID vaccines ruined their health, and their careers. By Dr. Joseph Mercola From the™   They Were High-Performing Athletes … Until COVID Vaccines Destroyed Their Health

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