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The Southern Truth

We As A People

EDITOR’S NOTE: “We As A People” is an editorial I wrote in PACE NEWS in November 1997 and today the same can be said due to the masses of Black people, not only in Los Angeles, but all over the United States from the Delta of Mississippi to the slums of Memphis, Tennessee, who are…

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The Southern Truth by Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

  It is good to reflect. On this Juneteenth, I took the time to reflect on what it means to me. Juneteenth for as far back as I can remember is in 1968 in Tucson, Arizona. This is where my life pitstop took me at a very young age. Not in Mississippi near the explosion…

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What’s Going On? Enough is Enough!

The Southern Truth     By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief   What’s going on? Marvin Gaye said it best, that is, in a song. But I say it to ask in our present world system, “What’s going on?” Looking at all the division and derision among the beings of this world which  is owned lock, stock,…

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Crimes Against Black Humanity Should Be Charged Against Los Angeles City and County Government for the Treatment of its Black People

The Southern Truth By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief When I read recently on the United Nation’s website what were “crimes against humanity”, I was moved with righteous indignation because thousands of Black men, women, and children, on any given day fits the description of being victims of the atrocities listed as crimes against humanity. According to…

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A Driver for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ray Fauntroy, A Man of Wisdom With a Vision for Black America, the Drum Call

“The deaths triggered the riots, but the unrest has been fueled for years by a lack of development in black neighborhoods and insensitivity toward those communities by local government,” said Ray Fauntroy, head of the local Southern Christian Leadership Conference chapter after deaths of black men during the Miami race riot in 1989. By Gloria…

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The FBI To Investigate Abuse By Senatobia, Mississippi Police Department for Excessive Force

THE SOUTHERN TRUTH By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief “With few exceptions, southern leaders proved that their devotion to segregation and white supremacy was far greater than the patriotic allegiance they routinely professed to constitutional government. Robert Man, Author, The Walls of Jericho Senatobia, MS.-As the founder and Publisher of PACE NEWS, a Los Angeles County and…

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