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Nicholas Dance Studio Presents 4th Annual Spring Recital

June 25, 2022

The Southern Truth by Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

June 22, 2022

  It is good to reflect. On this Juneteenth, I took the time to reflect on what it means to me. Juneteenth for as far back as I can remember is in 1968 in Tucson, Arizona. This is where my life pitstop took me at a very young age. Not in Mississippi near the explosion…

Racism Is Allowing Wildfires To Explode

June 18, 2022

  Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC),, a Clean Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Technology (Rain Maker) Startup founded by Charles E. Campbell, MSW & HBCU Graduate (JSU 90). AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Drone Proposal is being ignored by the Biden- Harris Administration, The White House & Media, while Western Wildfires burn out of control.…

“Skilled Trades 4u” Turns LA’s Homeless & Incarcerated Into Today’s Skilled Graduates

June 18, 2022

LOS ANGELES—Thanks to Ed Roche, Founder, Skilled Trades 4U, 23 “Skilled Trades 4U” graduated on Thursday evening at the Skilled Trades 4U headquarters located at 2614 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90018. These 23 men, who are fighting to get past the obstacles of their past incarcerations and/or homelessness,  graduated from the non-profit trade…

Congratulations To Lighthouse Christian Academy 2022 Graduates!

June 17, 2022

By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief SANTA MONICA—Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is small but mighty when it comes to academic   education and instilling Christian Character. They are paramount and powerful which leads its students to EXCEL. During the graduating ceremony recently each student spoke about how their Christian faith played a vital role in helping them to…

CA Black Women Leaders on Nov Election Ballot

June 14, 2022

By Antonio‌ ‌Ray‌ ‌Harvey‌ ‌|‌ ‌California‌ ‌Black‌ ‌Media‌ Black women running for political office on every level across the state of California showed up strong during the state’s June 7 primary election. They won the minds and the hearts of diverse groups of Californians and drew the numbers they needed to secure spots on the…

Peers Praise Alameda Judge Trina Thompson’s Rise to Federal Court 

June 14, 2022

Judge Trina Thompson                                                                                                 Photo courtesy Judge Trina Thompson)…

LGBTQ Latin Advocacy Organization, Latino Equality Alliance, Announces Honorees Of Its 7th Annual Purple Lily Awards

June 14, 2022

ABC7 News, GLAAD’s Monica Trasandes, Michaé de la Cuadra, LA LGBT Center’s Alan Acosta, and community trailblazer Nancy Valverde to be recognized at an in-person event on June 23, 2022 Special musical performance by international Latin recording artist and actress Raquenel (Mary Boquitas) Los Angeles, CA.— The Latino Equality Alliance (LEA), a leading Latinx LGBTQ+…

Former LAPD Chief/LA City Councilmember Bernard Parks’ Statement in Response to the LA Times Article Regarding Rick Caruso’s Role in Denying His 2002 Reappointment at LAPD Chief

April 18, 2022


Lab-Bound Monkeys Escaped Highway Crash—With Viruses?

January 26, 2022

Published January 22, 2022 by Sara Oliver. Last Updated January 25, 2022. PETA has obtained eyewitness information that a woman at the scene of last week’s truck crash—in which crates containing 100 monkeys who were being transported to a laboratory flew onto the road—got an eyeful of monkey saliva. Her eye is weepy and infected, and she has developed a…

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