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Video Shows Senatobia, Mississippi Police Tasing Restrained, Unarmed Black Man In His Own Home

The Southern Truth

By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

Mark Lesure and Patrick Alexander during a press conference Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

Senatobia, Mississippi police department is in the news again.

Yes it is.


The other day Patrick Alexander called to ask me if I had heard the news. He calls me Elder Walker. He said, “Elder Walker have you heard the news about what the police
did to Mark Lesure? I said, “Vaguely.”

Senatobia Police Chief point at Mark Lesure from inside of Lesures home. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

He asked me what did I hear and I told him about how the police had, without a warrant, beat him down Ms. Lesure son and he was arrested.
Patrick then began to give me the 411 on what really happened. He said they have a video of the whole incident and they are seeking justice for Mark LeSure against the rogue police officers led by the Chief.

Mark Lesure asking Chief to come out of his home. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

While waiting for Patrick to send me a copy of the video, I starting looking and googling to find out what he was talking about regarding a video and I came up on a Fox13 news footage of the reported incident.  It is heart-wrenching to see how the police officers, including the chief, were holding Mark down in a restrained, locked position and he is being tased simultaneously by another police officer so much so that the Chief of Police shown in the video was hit by the taser and you can visibly see the power of the taser by the way the Chief fell away from holding Mark in what looks like a chokehold.

Senatobia Police Chief and Mark Lesure. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen


Senatobia Police Chief gets hit by taser while police officers are restraining unarmed black man, Mark Lesure, all the while tasing him and the chief of Police too. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen


Not long ago Senatobia police department was in the news for arresting a 10 year old boy for peeing in the parking lot of Attorney Leigh Ann Darby while his mother was seeking services from her. Something is going on wrong in Senatobia and there needs to be an investigation from outside sources to stop the actions of racist, white supremacist forces.

The Southern Truth


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