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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

NEWS ANALYSIS By Geneviève Clavreul The recent news of Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas’ federal indictment and the plethora of articles covering this issue have left me somewhat heartbroken.  The past several days has seen a great deal of speculation about whether Ridley-Thomas would resign from the LA City Council or whether or not the City Council…

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Mark Ridley-Thomas’ Atty: Motion to Suspend Client Has “No Legal Basis” 

By Tanu Henry | California Black Media The law firm representing Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, who the United States Department of Justice indicted last week on federal corruption charges, say the city’s leaders have “no legal basis” to suspend its client. “I write to express my deep concern over the illegality and inappropriateness…

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We Want Newsom Not a Nuisance for Governor!

By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief LOS ANGELES—As I write this news analysis about our upcoming recall election to get rid of Governor Gavin Newsom, I must say this has been a battle and it has been one where a large percentages of Blacks are participating because of one man. Larry Elder. Larry Elder is a nightmare to…

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Run, Karen, Run: Why Rep. Karen Bass Should Be L.A.’s First Woman Mayor 

Jasmyne A. Cannick | Special to California Black Media I can describe the leading crop of declared candidates angling to lead the second largest — and one of America’s more liberal and progressive leaning cities — in two words: White and male. So, when rumors hinted at a possible mayoral bid by Congresswoman Karen Bass,…

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Commentary: Here’s Why You Need to Vote in the California Recall Election

By Rick Callender  On September 14 a special election will be held to determine whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. This is only the fourth time in American history – that a state has held a gubernatorial recall election. The last gubernatorial recall election in California took place nearly 20 years ago.  This recall…

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