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EECI Completes 2022 Business Plan Enrollment & Sparks Interest in Blue-Green Economy in Black-Brown Communities

Inglewood, CA Resident/Drone Operator attendee David Hawthorn gave his vision on Green Economy entrepreneur opportunities at EECI “Ride the Wave” seminar.

(LOS ANGELES) – The Entrepreneur Educational Center, Inc. (EECI) announced “mission accomplished,” after wrapping up its final business plan development seminar in a series at Roosevelt Park in Los Angeles. EECI organizers said the series, conducted for multi-cultural entrepreneurs in Los Angeles County’s 2nd District, achieved its goal of recruiting and enrolling those individuals that EECI plans to start their DBA or Incorporate their Non-Profit. EECI plans to assist and start up to 15 businesses in 2022.

EECI is focused on getting the Blue and Green Economy into the entrepreneur and small business community’s conversation when discussing new opportunities to explore. It helps that there are nearly 6,000 Blue businesses in the 2nd County District headed by Supervisor Holly Mitchell.   Each of these Blue businesses was invited to attend, and EECI plans to follow up for jobs and small businesses near the Port of Los Angeles.  Janine Haydel, EECI CFO noted, “the seminars were just one phase of programs the organization will be offering in anticipation of $5.2 million dollar funding that has been secured by Senator Steven Bradford by the State of California. Funds will soon be dispensed to support and encourage equity in entrepreneur and small business opportunities for women and multicultural entrepreneurs residing in low to moderate income communities in Los Angeles County.”

Photo by: Rene Norman
Inglewood, CA Resident/Drone Operator attendee David Hawthorn gave his vision for Green Economy entrepreneur opportunities at EECI “Ride the Wave” seminar at Roosevelt Park in South Los Angeles.

Inglewood resident David Hawthorn, a drone operator who is interested in making the fight against the regions’ wildfires safer and economical, offered this insight on the seminars’ value. “These presentations have accelerated my plans to participate in the new blue and green economy. I’m formulating plans with partners to merge drone technology to assist with rapid assessment of wildfires to save human life and limit destruction of property.” Jenny Krusoe, Founder and Executive Director of AltaSea, EECIs’ new partner, presented the Blue and Green Economy, one of the fastest growing industries in the world that is projected be a $3 trillion dollar industry by 2030, to the attendees.

A huge proportion of jobs generated from the Blue economy deal with developing sustainable ways to feed a hungry world. One example of this is mussel farming, which was presented by Nick Hajek, Director of Maritime Operations at Pacific6, a California-based investment and development partnership. This type of operation, along with other Blue Industry, offers a range of economic uses of ocean and coastal resources needing entrepreneurs and job seekers in areas such as energy, shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, mining, and tourism. It also includes economic benefits that may not be marketed, such as carbon storage, coastal protection, cultural values, and biodiversity.

“By collaborating with AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, we believe the “Ride the Wave” seminars achieved a few projected outcomes,” said EECI Executive Director Barbara J. Stanton. “We wanted to make sure that Black and Brown entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the importance and impact of the Blue and Green Economy and its importance not only to the economy but to the environment as well. We also wanted to make them aware of the resources available to anyone needing assistance in preparing their business plans, applying for loans, training, or mentoring that EECI and AltaSea is here for them,” Stanton said. “And last, we’ve recruited candidates for our “Miracles” Entrepreneur Program and will assist them in starting or expanding their business or organization upon completion of the business plan development course.”

Sponsors of the EECI programs and projects include Comerica Bank, Enterprise Business Bank, Epson, GBC International, Union Bank, 1st Republic Bank, Northern Trust Bank, American Business Bank, Cathay Bank, First Commercial Bank, 1st Century Bank, Banc of California, and Popeyes Chicken (Watts), and Superior Grocers. For information regarding the seminars, programs and opportunities offered by EECI call (323) 757-7506 or visit or

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