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The Southern Truth: Autocracy, Not Democracy, is On Display at Los Angeles City Hall With the Selection, Not Election, of Heather Hutt

(l-r) Mark Ridley Thomas, Herb Wesson and Health Hutt Photo courtesy

By Gloria Zuurveen

Lord have mercy on Los Angeles and its leaders.

Today it was reported on one of the local news channels that Heather Hutt had been selected by Council President Paul Krekorian, with all members approving accept one, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who was the lone no” vote — citing what she called a lack of transparency and process.

Lord knows I am in agreement with Rodriguez because she is right and it is time for the people to fight.

They must fight against the autocracy that’s masquerading around like it’s a democracy. It is a travesty for Krekorian to willfully go against the power of the people to vote their choice with their voice. Hutt, who was initially holding the position until the case of now convicted Councilmember Mark Ridley Thomas trial was determined, should now be elected by the vote of the people and not selected by the autocracy of one man, Kerkorian.

I say this is not right. It’s tantamount to robbery because all the people of the 10th district did not get to vote. No. Their power to vote was taken away by one man who deprived them from having a say in who will represent them and this should not be so. This  pattern is a serious flaw and I, for one, feels that this is a great big no no.

The people of the 10th  District have been robbed and many do not know the power they are conceding to let injustice flow by allowing this practice of erroneous succeeding. Hutt might be an outstanding citizen and she may even have done outstanding work temporarily, but it is not good for her to sit in a position without any special election opposition just because one man’s decision to take the power from the people to raise their voice and to make their choice. This is not a democracy. This is a god-forsaken autocracy and to the people in the 10th District it is an outright and unjustifiable mockery.

Why? Because, I believe, the people should have a say. They should have a say with their votes as to who should represent them. Look at the 6th District where the people took their time and their taxpayer’s dimes to replace Nury Martinez after she resigned from her seat after being heard on a hot mic talking racist about “the Blacks”. This caused her to lose her seat. The people in the 6th District had an opportunity to make a choice with their voice now they are having a run-off between the two leading candidates after a fair and open fight to do what is right, which is to elect their candidate in a democracy instead of having one man to select their candidate which is a dictatorial autocracy.

This is not happening in the 10th District.


Because, in my opinion, this is a political scam and it needs to stop. The people of the 10th District have the power to pick their candidate but not if the “Cabal of Legions” fail to give them a reason. Kerkorian and his ilk are acting outta order when they determine that a special election costing 8 million dollars is too much to pay for the people of the 10th District to have their right to speak up and say, “Our vote is not sale, no not today, no way”.

So stop the display of autocracy instead of fair, open, and  transparent democracy when it comes to Herb Wesson’s former chief of staff, Heather Hutt, selection instead of a justifiable election to serve in the 10th District seat if true justice is what Los Angeles City Hall seeks.

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