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What’s Really Going On With the Coronavirus?



Gloria Zuurveen

By Gloria Zuurveen

The billionaire Bill Gates stepped down from his board seat at Microsoft, the company he started. Is it a coincident that Gates is stepping down just after President Donald Trump has given the signal to shift $50 billion from our tax dollars to fight the coronavirus. This is what Bill Gates has been salivatingover for years. He is a strong advocate for population control. With this door opening for him now to work on getting what he has always promoted which is a universal vaccine, a demand like what we are witnessing today with the president making the announcement of a national emergency due the pandemic.

The season is ripe for him and his cohorts to carry out their diabolical plan on depopulating the earth with a universal vaccine which is being rushed through FDA. This reminds me of the years gone by with the AIDS virus. I recall the fear and uncertainty that everyone had. It disrupted the whole social order just as this pandemic is doing today. I question “What is really going one?” We must not just let this system of White Supremacy have their way without us seeking out for ourselves and for our families what is really happening that is about to change America and the world forever all because of those who are calling the shots for themselves and their ilk. They create panic and fear to get everyone to go along without questions. This is not good. Listen to what Gates said in an op-ed piece he wrote for in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise.” It said that Gates referred to the outbreak as a pandemic, even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet made that declaration. The group has said instead that the virus has “pandemic potential.” So why is Gates talking pandemic before the medical experts are talking it? Could it be because he has plans for a pandemic and how he wants to control the narrative as to what and when he gets his universal vaccine rolled out to continue his agenda for depopulation?

We all remember AIDS and how it started out with white gay males and ended up being out of Africa and afterward Blacks in America were dying senseless. Why? The AZT drug that actually caused cancer when given for treatment of the AIDS virus according to Dr. Turner Banks, MD in her book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed. On page 254 Dr. Banks referencing Dr. John Hamilton who reported that the early AZT resulted in transitory benefits for whites and neutral or harmful effects in blacks and Hispanics patients. He said no mention was made of the high risk of cancer (as much as 50 percent) for those taking the drug. However, Burroughs Wellcome, in collusion with the FDA, restated the findings of the study in such a way as to make it seem that AZT conferred some beneficial effects when used early, even in black and Hispanic patients. It was just business. Dr. Banks also name Celia Farber who said that two of the researchers from the Concorde Study team admitted to coming under pressure from Burroughs Wellcome concerning their findings. So much so that one of the researchers exclaimed, “Yes, there has been pressure, and it has been placed at the very highest level!” Even though in these two studies it was clearly shown that the drug offered no benefit and was causing cancer in 50 percent of the patients, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), recommended that anyone with HIV antibodies and less than 500 CD4 cells should start taking AZT at once.

This is the same Dr. Fauci today with President Trump making decision for the testing of the Coronavirus. This the same Dr. Fauci that Dr. Banks reference in her book that at the time of the study approximately 650,000 people in the U.S were to start taking the AZT drugs and that much of the Concorde Study data on toxicity was not allowed to be revealed. The AZT AIDS drug adverse events were suppressed and the FDA went on to confer AZT as an orphan drug status This meant that now AZT is a medication that is required by fewer than 200,000 patients annually in the U.S. This gave Burroughs ellcome exclusive marketing rights and a tax relief for the production of AZT for seven years. Who will get the exclusive marketing benefits from the Coronavirus? Gates and Fauci know? With $50 billion dollars of taxpayers money up for grabs we must be vigilant and watch to see what is really going on here with this so call pandemic that is breeding a climate of fear to manipulate to people into going alone as if they are helpless. This is asinine. This is not good and it must be questioned before you let anyone give you something that could possibly be more dangerous than the panic of the pandemic. In closing, Dr. Banks reminds us that with the prodigious help of the FDA, Burroughs Wellcome was about to make enormous profits by planned human experimentation of a drug known to cause AIDS and cancer. Since the drug hastened the demise of AIDS patients, the cost of the drug would be relatively cheap ($5,000 to $15,000 per patient), compared with the cost to the insurance industry of hospitalizations avoided ($150,000 to $2000,000). This appear to be moving in the same direction and it encumbered on each individual to be mindful of what is going and to protect your family from those whose agenda is not about saving lives as much is about saving their bottomline, the almighty dollars and they are doing it on the backs of the people with the coronavirus and all that goes with it like an unwarranted vaccine that may also be like the AZT with AIDS. Build up your immune system and stand against fear.

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