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What’s Behind the Name COVID-19 and are We in the “Black Bottle” Era?

Dr. Ernie Smith, Ph.D.

By Gloria Zuurveen

Dr. Lorraine Day has a different meaning for COVID-19 and Dr. Ernie Smith wanted PACE NEWS to hear what she had to say about the Coronavirus and the origin of COVID-19. See below:  
Dr. Ernie Smith Ph.D. forwarded the audio above to PACE NEWS recently and requested that I listen to Dr. Lorraine Day.      Dr. Lorraine Day was the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at USF, a prestigious hospital in San Francisco. During her interview she gives a definition for COVID-19 which is different than the CDC and  other mainstream news sites which came up during a Google search to find information about the origin of the name COVID-19. They all appeared to say the same as the CDC in their meaning of the name COVID-19.
Dr. Smith also sent a reference to a Google search of “Hospitals and the Black Bottle” which is important information when it comes to Black people going to hospitals during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Black bottle definition is – a bottle from which according to folklore a dose of poison is administered to unwanted patients in hospitals. Please see link below.
Dr. Ernie Smith, head of the Black Community Health Task Force, a health advocacy group that meets every Monday in South Central Los Angeles at the WLCAC received his Ph.D. Degree, in Comparative Culture, from the University of California at Irvine, and thus embarked full time upon a university teaching career. With a specialty in Comparative Culture and a sub-specialty in Comparative Linguistics as an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Smith has conducted research and published works in several social science disciplines and taught a variety of behavioral, social science and humanities courses.  Until 1982 Dr. Smith was a full Professor of Linguistics, in the Department of Linguistics, at California State University at Fullerton.   As a career shift into health and human services, Dr. Smith has pursued post-doctoral studies in human development and aging, bio-psycho-social health and medical sociology.  He received his certificate of completion in gerontology from the University of California at Los Angeles in June of 1994.   Currently Dr. Smith is a Professor of Medicine, Clinical and Cognitive Linguistics in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology, at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles CA.  There he continues his research in cognitive-linguistics, socio-linguistics, and cultural and linguistic competency in medical care and mental health therapy environments.




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