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Hello Readers!

It is a horrible thing that happened to George Floyd this past week and I pray that his family will get through this difficult time. The last time, I remember, something like this happened that created riots throughout the US and primarily in Los Angeles occurred after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. If you don’t know, on the night of February 26, 2012, a 17 year old African-American, was walking home from the store. A man named Zimmerman believed that Trayvon looked “suspicious” because he has a lot of stereotypes about young Black males. He thought Trayvon did not belong in that neighborhood, even though some of Trayvon’s family lived there. The man decided to take

the law into his own hands. Even though the police told him not to, he shot Mr. Trayvon Martin. This was a terrible thing to do that nobody in their right mind should do. Black lives are just the same as any other lives out there and yet police brutality and racism still lurks in the streets of the black neighborhoods snu

ff out black lives far too many often. I would pray that someone could make a change in the future and if the problem is still not solved that I could be able to help somehow. As for the riots all throughout the country, I hope that they are being smart about what they are doing and realizing the consequences that are involved if caught. I will pray for the angry protesters that may have been arrested or hospitalized as for the rioters. 


RIP George Floyd.

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  1. Regina on June 2, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I hate that you have to see this at an early age and that you have to deal with this. You are king and smart and I know you will help lead us to better days.

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