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Letter To The Editor: Lisa Kirkland of Tucson, Arizona

By Alicia Kirkland






America  needs a Black leader to reach out to these Blacks who commit  crimes  against  their own people. Why? Black  men will still  kill there community brothers  and sisters. Like the high crimes in Chicago, what’s up with that? And, why defund the police? Gangs would take over. That’s what will happen.  The  young Black  men will wreak havoc  on our society  and all Black communities…what the hell? We as a people cannot live in peace. Stop Black on Black  crimes. We all have to BE a better race of people. Our ancestors  wanted unity from Washington to Florida. Rise up for a better…the President calls us all that you know what that we are a race  of great people..not people who loot or burn buildings…when they  go low we have to go higher. Love  you

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