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Negrogate Part II: The Beatification of John Lewis When Cowardice, Subservience and Servile Obedience is Celebrated as Heroic Leadership

Dr. Randy Short


By Dr. Randy Short

Arguably, some of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most powerful and thought-provoking quotations concerned ignorance and moral cowardice. There is a ceremonial styrofoam Martin Luther King, Jr. that even the most debased racist or self-hating Black assimilationist can feel comfortable, and there is a serious and uncompromising Martin Luther King, Jr. that is as hated today —as in 1968—by racists and Boule sellouts because the real man, his real message, and the Jeremiadesque narrative is unpalatable and confrontational concerning money, land, resources, justice, and power.  Many of best-known of Black people who came-of-age  as activists or children of leaders of the Civil Rights Movement  between 1955-1968 have for selfish enrichment and cowardly subversive purposes have via commission or omission allowed white supremacists and Boule running dogs to spread the lie that everything is free to defame and distort the image and message of Dr. King as a punked-out-dreamer-apologist for Anglo-American Apartheid.

Frankly, we did not win the Civil Rights struggle. We were defeated totally, and the majority our most courageous men and women were either assassinated, exiled, jailed, or marginalized and/or written out of history.  Given this sad, yet, painful truth one must deal with the fact that the Black men and women that are hailed, feted, and honored by bigoted white hegemonic elites and their vulgar-degenerate-Boule-grifters are compromised collaborators who keep African Americans under the boot of caste and criminal forces inside and outside the color of law. Enemies of our race seek to deceive us into believing persons like the late Rev. Billy Kyles, Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, Shirley Chisholm, and others that undermined our struggle for freedom are heroic figures to be emulated. John Lewis lived and died the life of a pampered favored slave, and his being lionized as a hero by the same white folks and Boule traitors who—at the same time— think Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Aubery, and George Floyd deserved their fates.

This week many thinking Black Americans are enduring cramped hands from holding their noses and cramped stomaches coping with the week-long memorial services of late Alabama-born Congressman  John Lewis (February 24, 1940- July 17, 2020–the shameless exploitation of the man’s death by the Democratic Party elite who borrowed heavily from the sentimentality of the Hollywood films “Driving Ms. Daisy” (1989), “Wag the Dog” (1997), “Simone” (2002), “Old Yeller” (1957), and Mississippi Burning (1988) is disgusting. We want our damned reparations checks not public relations campaigns for the dead.

The same dirty white liberal U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi (D-CA), who carefully scripted the state funeral on October 25, 2019, for the deceased do-nothing Congressional Black Caucus field slave Elijah Cummings who died on October 17, 2019, repeats the her feigned honor of an expired favored house slave John Lewis who’s protracted memorialization began on July 25, 2020 his having died on July 17, 2020. Aside from Cummings and Lewis looking like identical twins of a mixed Wahtusi and Pygmy family, both men were staunch partisan Democrats that used their big mouths to defend the rights and privileges of LGBTQ, Illegal migrants, abortionists, big developers, maniacal-man-hating-radical-feminists, police unions, and everyone else but their Black constituents. However, in their home districts in Baltimore and Atlanta, Cummings’ and Lewis’ constituents languished in economically crippled, corrupt, drug-drenched, diseased, crime-ridden-killing-field, and decaying communities—always ready to cast a blind suicidal vote for Democrats. The legislative achievements of Cummings and Lewis and their delivery of federal funds and development projects to their people was as bald as their heads. However, Nancy D’Alsandro-Pelosi knows—after all she’s the daughter of Baltimore’s notorious mafia-client and it’s last segregationist mayor Thomas D’Alesandro—how to emotionally exploit Black voters and trick them into betraying their own interests and becoming share-croppers for an agenda that is bringing about their demise. Just as Pelosi used Cummings’ funeral as a political circus to energize apathetic Black Democrat voters in 2019, she is the mastermind behind manipulating the marathon funeral of John Lewis into a get-out-the-vote talisman for the upcoming presidential election in November 2020.

Whereas Elijah Cummings received his beating into the Civil Rights gang when he was hit with rocks—just once—in the late 1960s integrating a swimming pool, John Lewis reigns supreme as the most beaten and abused Civil Rights worker of all times. Ironically, no people like losers or a chump taking a beating laying down, but the morally-perverse, self-loathing, fawning, and cowardly Black Boule elites aided by racist liberals and conservatives alike have warped weaklings into heroes and leaders. While my humanitarian impulse empathizes with all victims of unjust police and mob violence, I resent and detest the dangerous notion that being the passive victim of violence makes someone heroic or deserving of a special mantle of leadership and cargo cult-like worship. I contrast John Lewis and his cultic followers who incessantly remind everyone that the late Congressman was beaten and arrested many times over 55 years ago with the life of the Rev. Dr. C.T. Vivian who also was arrested and beaten repeatedly, but he never made his victimization into a hustle for wealth, power, and vainglorious fame. What angers any thinking person is that John Lewis and his cult hype his beatings and sado-masochistic philosophy into a sacrament, and these sociopaths think everyone must consume and believe this insanity in order to effect change. If beating, abusing, torturing, and killing non-resisting Black people was the magic elixir for social change, why hasn’t racism in all its forms disappeared after 400 years?

John Lewis and all those like him are cowardly liars, frauds, and hustlers engaged making white folks feel guilty to get crumbs and token acceptance.  Finally, the bargain basement movement to make John Lewis into a saint and the paragon of Black leaders is a work in futility and trickery. John Lewis was not among the aggressive uncompromising Black leaders of his generation like H.Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Huey Newton, Gloria Richardson, Cleveland Sellers, or Marion Berry, nor was he sacrificial martyr assassinated or murdered like: Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Harry and Henrietta Moore, Jimmie Lee Jackson, Rev. George Lee, Lamar Smith, Herbert Lee, Louis Allen, James Chaney, Samuel Younge, Jr., Vernon Dahmer, Samuel Hammond, Delano Middleton, Henry Smith, Bobby Hutton, and Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. No, John Lewis to quote two men that knew him Rev. C.T. Vivian and Black Nationalist Phillip Smith would always say, “John is for John”. Lewis attains heroic status only in the confused imaginations of people who neither read nor research or have obsessive compulsive disorders to lend fealty to any sellout that has white liberal and/or conservative backing. Nobody can deny that John Lewis made significant contributions to the Civil Rights struggle, but the movement was not the work of great individuals, but, rather that of a great people—many losing their lives and never getting fame or fortune. John Lewis ranks among the most cynical self-promoting Black public figures of the last 60 years.

John Lewis was great in promoting himself as a saintly, congenial, consensus-building, elder-ethnic statesman, racial-healer, and living oracle and museum of modern Black history, but this public relations endeavor to make himself the heir to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was depleted by his self-effacing and radical views of loving those who hated him and his people. No matter how many documentaries, puff interviews, vanity books, monographs, memoirs, museum exhibits, and sundry material created to exalt  John Lewis, these vain things could never transubstantiate Lewis into a truly great symbolic hero of Black people. White liberals and Boule traitors thinking that can keep younger generations  loyal to racist liberal Democrats, when they are more attuned to Amos Wilson, Malcolm X, Dr. Frances Welsing, John Hendrik Clarke, and the independent voices of the New Black Media, are insane. Plainly stated, young Black people reject and resent John Lewis as a coon on steroids. John Lewis and “cooned-out” Boomers are as relevant to younger Blacks of today as 78 rpm records. James Baldwin penned an article over 50 years ago regarding the “Angry Children of Malcolm X”, and he prophetically warned that the newer generations would never buy into the Civil Rights kumbayah effort. Baldwin was right then, and he is right today in 2020. In nut shell, all the white liberal media and all his coon Boule friends could not make John Lewis a Black legend again. Lewis departure marks the death knell in the coffin of Blacks monolithically voting for the Democrats or  forcing themselves to “eat toads” tolerating the total failure of the Negro Boomers generation’s propaganda hoax  of Civil Rights Revolution that has brought us a bumper crop of mass suffering and police murders ad nauseam.

Presently, we are witnessing the passing of a great and not so great generation, and Black people need to adopt a more sophisticated approach to understanding history. Thus far, we only use history like a opioid narcotic to balm deep wounds to our psyche and collective ego, and this has a crippled us with an obsessive fondness of the past, an obsessive need for celebration and celebrities and black firsts, stripped us of thinking critically and analytically in the age of information, and castrated us with a chastity belt of positivity wherein everything and everyone Black is good and worthy of praise. The sooner we break the mental yoke—that allows Dr. King’s, Fred Hampton’s, Malcolm X’s assassins and conspirators to walk freely and unafraid, masquerade as race leaders, and even hold public office having helped make tombstones for the true patriots of our Volk—we will break free. We  must never let malignant narcissists traitors and opportunists become the voice and face of our struggle. It would be better if we had no leadership at all than these vile imposter amoral-synthetic-Judas-goat-leaders manufactured by dirty liberals leading us to the camps, because the vacuum would eventually be filled by men and women that we groomed to lead us. The Selma Movement (1965) and the Freedom Rider Movement (1960-1961) served as the training and proving grounds for scores of young Black men and women leaders, but notice how John Lewis and his backers have either downplayed, excised and ignored Irene Morgan, Colia Clark, Jim Foreman, Robert Williams, T. R.M. Howard and countless others. John Lewis is guilty of hogging the limelight for himself in order to inflate his importance to the Movement. John Lewis was neither the most gifted speaker, thinker, writer, organizer, or charismatic presence nor the bravest or effective personality of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In 1966, Lewis was ousted from the chairmanship of SNCC on account that many of his SNCC peers viewed him as too passive on core Black issues and too subservient to the Dr. King and the fried-chicken-eating-skirt-chasing SCLC-preacher-mafia who took all the credit for hard work that the younger folks had done. The decent veterans of SNCC moved on after the 1960s to continue to do great things to help Black people, and Lewis and likeminded Civil Rights burnouts spent the last 55 years engaged in shameful self promotion and specious hucksterism.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has a very famous speech that has this quotation:

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

We are betraying our race and it’s destiny and those yet born pretending that John Lewis was a liberator to our people. His legacy—aside from getting beaten by race soldier cops in the 1960s—is replete with contradictions and betrayals of the very Black people he claimed to care about. John Robert Lewis despite being a man of political power did nothing to investigate the Atlanta Child Murders of the 1970s that continued into the 1980s. Instead, he let Wayne Williams rot in jail for murders he could have not possibly committed. John Lewis, despite his political power, did nothing to help make public transit via the MARTA more accessible to his constituents. John Lewis along with Jim Clyburn played decisive and critical role in getting votes necessary to jumpstart the stalled Biden Mass Incarceration Bill ratified in the U.S. Congress, and this Clinton Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994 (aka Biden Bill) has denied roughly 7 million Americans (mostly Black people) of the right to vote due to felony convictions. Ironically, John Lewis got his ass beat on the Edmund Pettus Bridge allegedly seeking to pressure the U.S. government to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which made it possible for 7 million people to have access to cast a ballot. John Lewis fought against President Trump’s criminal justice reform effort, and he supported the biased Blue Lives Matter laws of President Obama and further militarization of the police.  John Lewis, who always whined about his brutal beatings by police and racists, never used his political office to stop police murders and the infiltration of law enforcement agencies and courts by white terrorists organizations. John Lewis, despite his claim to oppose violence, never called for investigations of suspicious deaths and killings of Black peoples in prisons and hospitals across America.  John Lewis turned his back on the unborn and Black mothers supporting racist Planned Parenthood of America, Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform, ignored organ harvesting, and did not support providing babies that survived botched abortions medical care. John Lewis even supported the most anti-life laws promoted by population control groups that target Black women.  John Lewis, despite claiming to be a man of love and peace, supported every illegal war and unfair international action of every president since he took office. John Lewis, despite his professed love for children, never fought to eradicate Hook Worm in Alabama and Georgia and Mississippi, to combat Fluoride-Lead poisoning in the water in Black communities and public housing which is deadly to Black children. John Lewis who claimed to love children did nothing to stop the systematic sexual abuse and sex-slavery of minors victimized by the Child and Family Services in Georgia or anywhere else, and did he did not support the efforts by various members of Congress to stop human trafficking and child sexual slavery. John Lewis, who has an entire district full of Black families suffering from home foreclosures, has done nothing to succor their suffering. However, John Lewis has been a champion to laws that make homosexuals the political equivalent of Blacks needing minority protection, defended the rights of unlawful illegal migrants to jobs, housing, education, and training, and co-sponsored several legislative bills that could usher in the legalization of prostitution, necrophilia, bestiality, BDSM, and, God-forbid, Pedophilia and Pederasty. This review of John R. Lewis’ real legacy according to a thinking Black man helps me to better understand why the one beating Lewis got he never talked about was from the Black Panthers in the late 1960s. Now you have another reason to love those real fighters from the past for their direct revolutionary judgment on those who are a threat to our survival. Rest In Peace, Tom Lewis, and I’ll be watching Netflix until this charade funeral is over.





  1. OrYapheaYah on July 29, 2020 at 6:50 am

    This was a Very Nice TruthFul Piece Dr Randy Short. A Truth That Desperately NEEDED To be TOLD!!!.. We are Too QUICK To Hail Many As Our UnSung Heroes when in Reality They’re JUST Another Coon Come Lately!!!..
    Hurting the Plights of The BLACKS Even more so than Our Oppressors!

  2. Dr. Randy Shott on July 29, 2020 at 7:43 am

    The time is now to be truthful.

    • JD Speigner on July 29, 2020 at 10:18 pm

      Thank you Dr. Randy Short. Ihave been watching this ‘pomp and circumstance’ parade and wondering what the ultimate purpose is. I recall hearing about the bridge as a child born in the middle 1950’s and as such trying to mentally and academically reason why he has been elevated. Your post/opin writing has brought clarity. I was offered (symbolically) as a sacrifice for civil rights in Los Angeles. I had the lifetime joyous experience of attending a Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly speech at the Wrigley Field on 42nd Place as a youngster. It didn’t effect me then but it was the first of many times that I was in the presence of greatness. My mother sent me as a 10 year elementary school graduate from WATTS across the illusional community divide of Alameda to attend South Gate schools for six years. I was initially in the company of a small number of “”10″” AfricanAmericans (I hesitate in using this because of the originator jesse jackson) and as I reflect on it now, I was traumitized having had no interaction with caucasians. We were called colored, niggars; asked about if our skin color would wipe off and these ‘whites’ decided that we were all related ( which symbolically we are). As I progressed through the two schools; junior high and senior high and the field of ‘bigoted’ teachers, I “”quasi-adaped”” but I developed a still present dislike of caucasians.
      I attained some notoreity in these two schools; leadership, cheerleading, homecoming princess and some other things that I won’t include here. However, the experience is void especially to people that I know who went through kindergarten to high school commencement surrounded by African Americans. I’d like to know where is my parade, accolades, the naming of a memorial for me and the others that broke through the elusive Los Angeles color lines. I don’t want any of the aforementioned. My point is that John Lewis did nothing spectacular and wasted the platform he had to make major changes. He is a blur in my memory. I effected change by becoming a Pan-Africanists and instilling in my four children love for our people and hopefully determination to live unrestricted in their chocolate world that they are still creating.

      Asante akwaaba to you for keeping what we ALL have lived through FRESH and alive dduring a time of our people being somewhat comatose.

  3. DBW on July 29, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Absolutely the Profile that should be a traitors Eulogy’

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