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Hayes McMillan, Jr.: A Classy Top-Rated Salesman at South Bay Mercedes Benz in Torrance



By Gloria Zuurveen

Shining shoes and planting seeds as a young entrepreneur at 13-years-old in his dad’s  barbershop in Whiteville, North Carolina is where Hayes McMillan, the baby boy of 10 children, started in the business of giving the customers what they want with a smile.

McMillan is a first class gentleman who has been gracing the stage at South Bay Mercedes Benz in Torrance, California for more than 11 years and now he has an extensive yet exclusive crop of followers from movie stars to All-Stars in basketball and football.

However, in McMillan’s site, all of his customers are stars and celebrities too. Yes, McMillan started out early shining shoes every Saturday morning in his daddy’s barber shop. McMillan had a mentor in his father who operated his own  business and this afforded McMillan the opportunity to set up shop to produce, not only extra dollars at a young age, but the seeds planted at 13, has grown to produce the skills for him to become the top-rated salesman he is today.

After shining shoes at his daddy’s shop he moved on higher from a 13 year old shoe shine boy to become a top salesman at the local department store where he excelled as he learned and earned his way at J. W. Robinson as a top producer in Los Angeles.

McMillan uses his finesse and that down home southern kindness along with his natural ability to get along with people to perfect his salesmanship and to win higher positions at companies like Xerox where he won special recognition for high number of sales and for showing exceptional morale.

McMillan is fulfilling his dream and he says his legacy is to tell the youth and anyone with a dream, “Don’t give up if you have a dream go for it. What you put in is what you get out.” “Plant seeds that will grow because with growth in your life it allows you to touch others,” he said.

McMillan set goals and he progressed toward them and now after more than 30 years of being in the business as a top-rated salesman he is solid and serious about helping his customers at South Bay Mercedes-Benz in Torrance. He is a sharp and a classy salesman who exudes confidence in his ability and commitment to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to his clients procuring first class automobiles at South Bay Mercedes Benz in Torrance where he has been for more than a decade. His name is McMillan better known as “Hayes” to his exclusive list of clients who, without Hayes, no one else can take his place. This is the reputation that McMillan has garnered from his salesman’s skills that started back in the days in his daddy’s place. It’s a skill that has taken him from North Carolina to California and now his name is known with fame at the Mercedes-Benz of South Bay in Torrance and all over town.

Stop by and let him know you read about him at and the newspaper too because McMillan is the person you want to see when it comes to driving a Mercedes from South Bay Mercedes Benz in Torrance. Give Hayes a call direct@(310) 901-8599.



  1. Daniel Harper on August 16, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    Great article! I personally know Hayes Mcmillian we have worked together in retail for three years also and he is a class act a go-getter and very professional also very knowledgeable In customer service on how to treat as Family not just a sale.

  2. Will Shirden on September 9, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    Go Unc proud of you Man

  3. Srieus on January 16, 2022 at 6:39 pm

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hayes for years and he is truly a testimony for hard work and dedication…and has so much more to accomplish!!

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