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Inglewood is the Fastest Growing City in the County of Los Angeles

By Gloria Zuurveen                                                                              Editor-in-Chief

Inglewood once dubbed a sleepy little settlement in the country with a population of more than 100,000 is now the fastest growing city in Los Angeles County according to the Los Angeles County Assessor’s 2020  Annual Report that was recently released by Jeffrey Prang, Los Angeles County Assessor. The report reveals that Inglewood’s 13.6% growth over last year is the number one fastest growing city outpacing Culver City at 10% growth, and Hidden Hills at 9.2%. The growth is attributed to a strong real estate market and a demand for new multi-family residential properties. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes with newness of life and vitality, this once little sleepy settlement under the leadership of Mayor James T. Butts, who is steering the city to fame and fortune and the residents are reaping the benefits with increases in home values and the city as a whole is bustling with business development as well. Take a drive north of Inglewood down La Brea Avenue on any Tuesday night and you will see the crowd at Martin Fiesta’s Mexican Restaurant. The Residents and the small businesses are reaping rewards from the development that’s driving the exponential growth in this once sleepy little settlement called Inglewood which is now sitting on top of the world when it comes to entertainment and world-class sports. Yes, Inglewood, a city that was once on pause for any new development due to the downward turn in the real estate market is on the move and the Los Angeles County Assessor’s 2020 Annual Report reflects how fast its moving and growing.

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