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Publisher’s Column

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, Founder/Publisher

Dear Readers,

Spring is in the air and we have more daylight to spend time outside and feel the breeze. Don’t we need it in times like these. From wars and rumors of wars to a Supreme Court nominee who is asked to define “a woman” and she declined when she sit as the first Black woman to be elected. This is not Jim Crow, when counting beans and a Black person had to know or their rights and privileges, what little they had, were surely thrown out the door. The games that is being played on the people with this Hollywood masquerade is madness and quite frankly sadness because the card has been dealt and Justice Breyer’s former clerk is ransom for sure, so I stand with the honorable Judge Clemon. And I see what he said about the future of Black workers. If she is selected, justice for Blacks is tantamount to being dead. But praise be to God who gives us the victory to have eyes to see and ears to hear and faith that’s the size of a mustard seed. I praise God, for through Him, I am free to be me and I say what the Spirit lay on my heart so it really doesn’t matter that it isn’t popular to stand in the midst of unrighteous filth. Parents and people with a heart and a soul  it is time to get back to what the good Book, the Bible, for hundreds of generations has always extolled from Genesis to Revelation, the real intelligence, the foundation is laid and you can guarantee there is nothing artificial about it. According to the word, in Ecclesiastes, Solomon told us that there is nothing new under the sun, so it stands to reason that all this charade has already been done. Wake up, spring forth and see the salvation of the Lord in the midst of all this. Rise and Shine!

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