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We As A People

EDITOR’S NOTE: We As A People is an editorial I wrote in PACE NEWS in November 1997 and today the same can be said due to the masses of Black people, not only in Los Angeles, but all over the United States from the Delta of Mississippi to the slums of Memphis, Tennessee, who are suffering under the oppression of poverty in spirit, soul, body, and mind. This oppression is creating physical harms to Black people in ways like poor health, poor education, poor housing, and poor and slow elevation in their economic status. We as a people have what we need together in a unified voice and with a unified choice to change these perpetual dismal statistics about Black people. With 10 million Black voters as the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA)is calling for in its campaign to encourage Black voters to register, this says WE as a people can make the difference in this upcoming November 2022 election? “One Unified Voice and Choice for a singular Black Agenda for Self-Preservation.” 


By Gloria Zuurveen

In Jesus we are confirmed by God. He sealed us until the day of redemption. God has given us what we need as a people to say to the Pharaohs of today “Let my people go.”

We are called men and women of God. Yes, we have our baggages of this world system, but we must unload them into the Master’s hand. God said it, let’s believe it like our ancestors many years ago. We are the descendant of a proud people, be it from Africa or America, our people are a free people. We have wealth in “dollars and sense”. We need only to use them. We are a multi-talented people, we are a rich people, we are an educated people.

Democrats, Republican, Independent party or whatever, we need to understand that our lives are knitted together by a common bond of blackness. We have a common cause and that is survival in America. Let’s first concentrate on the home front then we can clean up the outside.

African American in America must harness the power base, which is money. African Americans have it, lots of it. Along with money, we have ourselves and through the grace of God we have an immeasurable amount of resources in our combined minds. We only need to come together and show solidarity, love, trust, and protection, for each other. Let’s remember every inch of love we have ever showed to another and demonstrate that measure and more.

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Let’s demonstrate love by forming “Clubs of Love®” for our community let’s love the gangs and all children. Let’s love them into going down the right path and hope that in doing so we build “Clubs of Love® ” so we as a people can survive the attacks we face ahead of us in this Post Prop 209 era. We can’t afford not to recall the former days of old when we as a people had no “Affirmative Action” and how we made it trusting each other for the bare necessities.

Today, we as a people, have more.




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