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Bass Beat The Billionaire

Mayoral candidates Karen Bass and Rick Caruso

The Southern Truth
By Gloria Zuurveen


Yes, she did it. Bass beat the billionaire.

She did it with grace and flare.

No mud slinging nor fist throwing but simply class and she whip his … fill in the blanks.

Now she did the unthinkable and rose above the money game and won fair and square and sent Caruso running back to the Grove or somewhere.

Now it’s her time to shine and to let the people, the grassroots and others, see that she is in the position to make a difference and not to make    differences.

She has the record that speaks for itself. It is one whereby she builds consensus and know how to stay connected and deliver resources. What the heck, Bass was close to being second in command, not in L. A., but in the whole U. S. A. She was in line to for second in command, the place where Kamala Harris currently dwells.

That speaks volume to the moves she has made especially since one former president Obama and the sitting one too Biden along with the Vice, Kamala were at her command to work her plan and to get the votes from every Angeleno one door knock at a time.

Now, with mission accomplished to take down a billionaire just like she didn’t even care. She stayed steady and knocked on doors with the foot soldiers standing next to her side. Not only politicians, but celebrities were on board too making sure that Bass beat the Billionaire and break records like never before and like being the first woman in more than a two hundred years, but also the first Black one and this good and fantastic news is refreshing to all of her supporters everywhere. Hooray! hooray! They can now all say, “We fought a good fight and now we can celebrate because Bass Beat the Billionaire and it is an extraordinary day in the metropolis of L. A.” It is time for healing and making amends with all the diversity of children, women and men. It is a time for unity and the building up of the communities, especially Black ones and other ones too. It can be done with Bass along with the grassroots Billionaire Beaters. Power to the grassroots. The Southern Truth



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