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Mayor Bass Statement Following Release of Memphis Police Tape Showing the Killing of Tyre Nichols

Mayor Karen Bass Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Karen Bass today issued the following statement:

Tonight, we saw ferocious violence from an out of control herd. We saw a sickening disregard for humanity as they left Tyre just lying there.

No words can express the chilling familiarity of a Black man crying out for his mother as he is beaten to death by officers of the law who are sworn to protect us.

My heart aches for Tyre’s family and all who loved him.

Our country has a problem that we cannot run away from – we must confront it.

All communities deserve police that will always protect them. It is commendable that the Police Chief and officials in Memphis fired, arrested and filed murder charges against these officers. True justice, however, is not a guilty verdict. True justice would be Tyre being alive today.

As the people of Los Angeles process and react to this horrific killing, we must move with purpose and peace.

The hearts and prayers of the people of Los Angeles are with the family of Tyre Nichols tonight.

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