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The Southern Truth: Trey Lamar is a threat to our democracy

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen
Founder, CEO & Publisher
Photo by Christopher Bordeaux












Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba needs your help to stop the anti-black, racist, bill HB 1020 that is moving through the Mississippi legislature and if it is passed out of the Senate, it means disaster for the largest Black city in the nation. Yes, state representative Trey Lamar is working hard to turn back the hands of time when Jim Crow was king and ruled the land. He seems to be striving to have his way and the sad part about it is that he has the sellout Negro right by his side to cheer him on while he take away the rights of the majority of Blacks in  Jackson, Mississippi. The city has more than 80% of Black people. But Trey is striving to be a mover and shaker and to become well known and who knows one day he may be in Tate Reeves’s seat as governor and to keep the racist flames burning and also to keep the  Jim Crow ugly history alive and well. It is time for people to stand in the gap and help Mayor Lumumba and his people in this serious racial fight to stop Lamar unjust action. He is a real threat to not only the city of Jackson, but also to our entire Democracy. Lamar and his ilk must quit.


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  1. Jason Mishler on April 24, 2023 at 4:46 pm

    I cannot believe that in this day and age that this is happening. Why? I sure haven’t seen our Lord introduce any type of behavior such as this. I cannot comprehend the actions of some in our nation. This is for sure one of them. God Bless us all!!!

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