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The Southern Truth: CNN & Fox News Cleans House with Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson Same Day, What’s Really Going On?


The Southern Truth

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen
Founder, CEO & Publisher
Photo by Christopher Bordeaux

By Gloria Zuurveen

What in the world is going on when you wake up and find that not only is the conservative commentator Tucker Carlson ousted from Fox News but I looked at CNN and “Liberal Lemon”, that’s Don, is gone too?

What is really going on? These two have had the run of stardom for a long time and it’s hard to see them go at least that’s what many thought who religiously watches the CNN liberal and Fox News Conservative shows.

Well I guess Lemon will have to make lemonade somewhere else since, after 17 long years, there is no more juice to squeeze out of that lemon and now it is thrown out without warning at CNN. The fad is over and on to the next story. He is thrown out the door and the “Liberal Lemon” fans will now have to search and seek the new, youthful CNN star of the week.

Tucker, don’t be surprise what’s up his sleeve, maybe Donald Trump will give him a chance to fight for him in 2024 after he walks out of Fox News conservative door.  Collateral damage is a bit much when it’s costing Fox News millions and maybe billions before this fiasco of election fraud really cease.

Media mayhem is what it seems and now CNN and Fox News have wiped their potential liability from their teams, “Liberal Lemon” and “Conservative Carlson”.

Stay tune and watch where they land soon.

The Southern Truth



  1. Eddie on April 24, 2023 at 3:01 pm

    I love it..

  2. Eddie on April 24, 2023 at 3:02 pm

    I love it

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