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Lord Have Mercy, What Is Going On? Homelessness Is Now Relegated to Mental Illness Instead Of Government Neglect

Benu Mekhat in Leimert Park giving out free clothing and food to those in need as she lives out of her car because of government neglect and apartment owner going up on her rent three-fold from $300 to almost 1200 dollars a month. She is not mental ill, she has a job and she needs a home, not to be forced to declare mental illness to get a home. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

The Southern Truth
By Gloria Zuurveen

Democrat Gavin Newsom easily survives California recall, will remain governor Photo/Timenewsuk

While reading the Google news the other day I read where governor Newsom is hard at play.

Yes, he is hard at play with signing bills without delay.

One of the bills he signed the other day according to a report from, “More Californians with untreated mental illness and addiction issues could be detained against their will and forced into treatment under a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a move to help overhaul the state’s mental health system and address its growing homelessness crisis.”

So now because of government neglect, our Governor, that is Newsom, who beat Larry Elder in a RECALL with the help of Black people and many others, is now getting ready to lock up homeless people who are mostly Blacks according to the recent report on the homeless which is conducted annually by the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) established in 1993. He  says this new law will help to overhaul the state’s mental health system. Lord have mercy this is asinine. HOMES will address the growing homelessness crisis and with more people in homes, I believe, the government will see that mental health issues will began to decrease.

Vacancy sign in downtown Los Angeles
Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

The solution to fighting homelessness is not locking unwilling people up and throwing away the key because people decides that they would rather be free like the one I spoke to out on the street. And what about Benu Mekhat pictured above who was pushed out on the street and is now homeless without help because she doesn’t fit the pattern. The pattern like the one Newsom is signing laws that would cause people to have to declare mental illness before they can qualify for a room so that homeless people can lay their down their tired and weary backs. This is not good and it is a shame. Benu has tried and I have the facts but she gets the run around and they keeping telling her the same old crap, “Just come back.” She is 40 something and doesn’t do drugs, she was paying a little over $300 dollars before the pandemic but she was pushed out of her comfort zone when her rent increased twofold to $1109.00 and Benu said she chose to leave out of  loving affordable home and since then she has not had shelter, except for her car. She left, she said, because she didn’t want to ruin her credit. She said that she was never given, according to her documents, a notice of a moratorium from her landlord Preservation Partners who owns the apartment complex which is one of many in ‘south Los Angeles so she moved out and now she is stressed out and trying to make it. From the looks of the governor’s bill, Benu now,  like many others, will have to declare mentally ill. She will have to declare mental ill in order for the state to foot her bill to get a home and to me this is so wrong. This is unethical and it is surely not in Jesus Name. It appears to be for some political power game that will pay the big pharma and push all the mental health pills while all the real mentally ills will sip on champagne and play golf with their buddies on the back nine. This is a crazy law and it should have not been sign because as far as I am concern it didn’t have not one public notice. No, the public didn’t know and the bill certainly show how much they play with our minds and they do it on our tax dollars and dimes. But the real problem is that Newsom, that is Governor Newsom, and his kind get along so well by keeping the masses ignorant and blind. The public has a right to know but from the looks of it and the way he is signing bills, his knowledge of this one Democratic right that the public has a right to know but Lord knows it doesn’t show. No it doesn’t show that they, or at least Newsom, didn’t know. But I believe he knew that this bill is not one that will help. It will only hurt.

A homeless resident in Ladera Heights off LaCienega who says that he would rather be homeless than to be bound by all the insensitivity you get from going to homeless shelters in Los Angeles. He said he fell out on Centinela and LaBrea and was taken to Ronald Reagan Hospital and some doctors from Dubai was flown over to treat him at Cedar’s but he stop the treatment they were administering him because he didn’t like the way it made him feel.
Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

Homes and roofs over the homeless people heads are the best solution for the mind. Healing and wholeness can be seen when one has a homes to call their own. Mental illness is a problem due to government neglect, from the war on drugs, discrimination, and a failure to pay what is due in the sum of Reparations are all forms of neglect. These are the problems for the masses of Blacks. Instead of herding the homeless who are mostly Blacks into mental institutions against their will and calling it helping when in reality it’s a political move whereby Big Pharma and major players will ride off with Medi-Medi billable dollars while homelessness and mental illness get out of hand and chaos ensues throughout the land.

The Southern Truth

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