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First Black Chair of Tennessee Democratic Party, Hendrell Remus, Seems To Put Party Over People In South Memphis


Hendrell Remus

The Southern Truth

By Gloria Zuurveen

You know, I didn’t know Hendrell Remus at all. I didn’t know he existed until one of his neighbors who still lives in South Memphis mentioned how bad the property across the street from her is being kept. She said that it was so bad that her little boy, who sometimes wants to go out and play ball, can’t because the grass is so tall and he can’t play with his ball. His mother said that he loves playing football and it is so sad that the first Black Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, who owns the property across the street,   is prominent and high in power but not one day or one hour does he or any one else come over to cut the grass that’s so tall and her son can’t play ball.

So, as the owner of a news source and who happened to own properties in South Memphis too when I saw the pictures she sent to me on my phone to show me what Mr. Remus’ property really looks like, I was aghast. I really was. I could not believe what my eyes were looking at and Lord knows it was such blatant disrespect. The grass, from the looks of the pictures, was not only  tall, but there’s all kinds of junk, like old tires, thrown about. This is sickening in South Memphis.

Hendrell Remus Instagram page highlighting his popularity in the Democratic party and how he is being primed for greatness but the crucial question for Mr. Remus is “What about his property in South Memphis where the grass is too tall and blight is over all and the neighbor’s son can play and run with his ball because the trees and bushes are too tall? Primed for greatness, but for who?

Mr. Remus, the new darling for the Tennessee Democratic Party, should certainly be ashamed and if this is whom the Tennessee Democratic Party is holding up in high esteem and making a media blitz about him  being on their team, it frightens me to wonder what is their scheme and what methods did they use during their vetting and their practicing of their skills  in instituting due diligence. The pictures so clearly show benign neglect of South Memphis and what appears to be a pattern of political posturing by Mr. Remus who seems to put party over people in South Memphis.

Hendrell Remus neighbor’s car is in the front of the yard but Mr. Remus’s property is all around with tall trees that need to be cut down so his South Memphis neighbor’s son can play if the bushes and grass were not in the way.

Low electrical wires on the property along with trash and debri.

Vacant lot with old tires thrown out and about on the property owned by Mr. Remus near the neighbor’s house with a son who wants to play ball but the grass is too tall.

Yes, South 48 W Burdock and multiple properties located at 0 and 51 W Edsel Avenues. He has allowed them all to get out of hand. I hope, for the sake of the South Memphis residents and especially for Mr. Remus’ neighbor’s son that South Memphis which is sorely in need of revitalization and not an Uncle Remus’ gentrification while seeking for political elevation.

Low wire among the bushes and electrical poles. This is Mr. Remus property along with sever others according to documents.

Mr. Remus, according to the legal record is the owner of land in South Memphis across the street from the neighbor’s son who wants to play ball. They are hoping that Mr. Remus will take heed and either fix up the properties or turn over the deeds. Why? Because, his neighbor’s son still wants to go out and play but Mr. Remus’ tall grass is still in the way so for now Mr. Remus neighbor’s son will have to drive farther away to play ball because Mr. Remus grass is so tall. It would be so nice if Mr. Remus cared as much about people in South Memphis as he does the party but he doesn’t and it shows because Mr. Remus loyalty and allegiance is to the Tennessee Democratic party and not the people in South Memphis.

Mr. Remus owns the lot across the street from his neighbor’s house whose son wants to play ball but the trees and bushes are too tall. Below is one of the public records of Mr. Remus who owns the property where the trees and bushes are over grown.


Look what Mr. Remus said after unanimously being re-elected by the Democratic Party in January 2022,  “I remember growing up in poverty in Memphis.” “I chose politics because I believe you can make the greatest impact by being able to change the structure that we’ve been given.” Yes, Mr. Remus you grew up and out of South Memphis but your neighbors are still there and they too want you to change the structure they’ve been given by you especially your excessively tall grass that breeds all sought of blight, infestation of rodents, and overall an unsafe environment for any community and especially the one you left behind and moved away to “pick in high cotton” as my Big Mama used to say about those who go away and consider themselves too good for those who chose to stay.  So, Mr. Remus, or should I say, Uncle Remus, will you consider the neighbor’s request to cut the weeds or give up the deeds.

The Southern Truth



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