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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs at the City of LA and Mayor Bass Encourages Interested Angelenos to Attend Upcoming City Career Fair

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen,

Now is the acceptable time to get a job. Where? At the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Karen Bass is pleading for applicants to come and get the jobs with good pay.

The City of Los Angeles is even offering a way to play. Los Angeles city is offering all types of services and information dissemination on November 2, 2023 at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center (near Dodgers Stadium) located at 1700 Stadium Way Los Angeles, CA 900120 and you don’t have to worry about parking just get there and take advantage of all the jobs at the Los Angeles citywide career fair. Click on the link and get the real scoop and find out how to get in the city’s job loop. Mayor Bass said, “The City of Los Angeles is hiring and this career fair is open to all Angelenos.” “Whether you’re interested in working with animals, at the airport, or cleaning and maintaining our neighborhoods, working in the police department or many other positions, I want Angelenos to know that we are serious about breaking down barriers to employment and that you can take concrete steps to bring you closer to a new career at this event.” Now that is the mayor herself speaking to Angelenos about what Angelenos can do to get a job so they can afford the rent and to help meet obligations and expenses or at least it will make a dent. So Angelenos get up and get out and apply for all types of positions at the Los Angeles citywide career fair. At the career fair, attendees can receive online application assistance onsite, ask questions and learn about the Civil Service process. “This career fair is part of the City’s targeted citywide hiring strategy to reduce the barriers to employment for Angelenos and drive new pathways to employment,” Mayor Bass said. 

In addition to the open job positions, the attendees will have other resources and services available also at the Thursday’s career fair which includes:

  • Meet City Departments and ask questions

  • Over 30 Classifications/positions open for filling

  • Receive assistance with online applications onsite 

  • Learn about civil service

  • Take steps to be hired 

  • Sign up for our Local Hire employment pathways

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