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Heaven Has Summoned Our Dear Beloved Brother and True friend

Lenon (Lenny) Terrell

7/14/1949 – 7/27/2023


A Person All Would Be Blessed To Have Known

Our dear beloved brother, friend and confident Lenny Terrell, was a shining light for so many people, as he was quite creative and always looking for ways to make life better for all he knew. The Terrell’s II Barber Shop and Beauty Salon in Inglewood, was much more than a place to get a haircut or a hairstyle, as it was a place made comfortable for the discussion of a variety of topics from politics to religion and all topics in-between. This was made possible in no short measure, by the opened minded kindness and compassion of Lenny Terrell. He had a special demeanor that created a place where disagreements were accepted without anger or resentment, and could be reconciled with a kind smile from Lenny. He was a very special multi-talented person, with accomplishment’s that kept his unique mind working to create video and music productions, writing computer programs for his first computer, book author, poet, song/music lyricist, and designing and building furniture were among so many of his other endeavors. In 2005, Lenny and his wife Linda moved to Nashville Tennessee. There he opened his own barber shops and just like the one in Inglewood, he engaged his customers in worthy conversations of all descriptions, leaving them with an undying desire to return for more intriguing interactions and also, to get a haircut. In 2014 Lenny retired and he and his wife made another move to Portland, Oregon to be with their daughter, Jennifer, and their new grandson Lucas. Retirement did not slow him down at all. He celebrated life and continued using his craftsmanship and anchored many home projects to always keep his inventive mind and hands occupied. He deeply contemplated his faith, and he came full circle in his beliefs committing himself to Christ. Lenny passed away after an illness on July 27, 2023. He is survived by his wife, Linda, daughter Jennifer Terrell Brown, grandson Lucas Archer Terrell Brown, sister, Lovie Mickens (Charles), sister, Jean Thompson, brother, Julius Terrell, and 4 sisters-in-law, along with a multitude of nieces, nephews and cousins in various locations. We wish to remember him, the love he had for his family, and all the friends he knew. The Terrell family tree was deeply rooted in the fertile soil of solidarity and love, in the Mississippi Delta, in a small town called Belzoni, cheerfully called “The Catfish Capitol”. Lenny was an integral branch of that tree, and at age sixteen, became the lead guitar player in his older brother’s family singing group called “Ernie Terrell and the Heavyweights”. The group performed all over the country, in night clubs, hotels, on TV shows and other venues. It was during this period, that his sister Jean Terrell, was selected by Motown CEO Barry Gordy, to replace Diana Ross as lead singer of the world renowned Supremes, and she went on to sing lead on three Gold Records. Lenny’s older brother Ernie Terrell, in addition to his musical skills, became the WBA Boxing Champion in 1965, and in 2004, was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame. This is a special time, for a very special family. If you wish to be added to our list of friends, and receive additional information on paying respect to our dear beloved brother Lenny, please use this contact information to reply: (310) 770-3281

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