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Dr. Zuurveen Terminates School Board Candidacy To Continue Being an Independent Voice for the Black Community In Critical Times Like These

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

As a woman of God who was raised by strong Black men and women in the thickets of Senatobia, Mississippi and was brought up in the home, the church, and the school which was a safe haven for me as I not only learned the three Rs, but also about a village of people who had my best interest at heart and I knew it and I felt it in my everyday life as a child growing up before there were Kindergarten and nursery schools with God-only knows. I grew up on the knees of neighbors who helped one another with babysitting and serving one another in love of community in the village of those who cared. Where like the sitcom, Cheers, it was a place where everybody knew your birth name and your nickname too. In Senatobia, school was a safe haven with teachers who cared and with sometimes a little midas touch from Mr. Daniel’s taped “Silver Bullet” a paddle, but we gained his respect and students learned and grew to excel. This was the type of school I was raised up in where everybody was on the sideline cheering you in to win. There were encouragements and challenges too when tryouts came and the competition against friends were in all kinds of clubs and in the classrooms we never had a Sub, that is, a substitute teacher.

So, as I pondered the run in this race, I have to say, I love the independence like I was taught back in the days. Freedom to express and freedom to be all that God, My Creator, wants me to be and that is what I see is needed at LAUSD. But the challenge to breakup the centralized, socialist and indoctrinated hypocrisy under the guise of democracy is real; therefore, I cannot and I will not be a party to the perpetual decline of Black children’s education all the time while watching every other ethnic group climb high on the vine by branching out with all of the sap that’s flowing through the educational territory all the time leaving little Black girls and boys way, way, behind.

No, it is not fine.

It is time for the voices of parents and people to be heard and to join in chorus and sing a new song and that is how powerful parents and people are when they come together and stand their ground and stop all this nonsense that is going around. Parents have the power to have their say when it comes to educating their own children and they shall not ever back down. This is a promise and not a threat and although I am stepping down from this candidacy I am not finished yet.

In critical times like these when our children are being included and excluded at the same time whereby they are being included in many instances that are against our values and against our historical cultural norm, and yet, excluded when it comes to higher standard of learning like STEM and other important and vital subjects like Advance Placement, the number of Black participants are reported very low and even special needs children services are, in many cases, a no show. Yes, a cadre of services are not even being made known to many Black parents who pay taxes and many own their own homes, yet when it comes to critical services that children need, they have to trekk outside of their own communities. What’s wrong with that picture and this is supposed to be integration in 2023?

I believe that it is time to consider other ways to utilize the system to benefit the masses and breakaway from the stale tradition of yesterday and move into a new day and in a new way. Parent Action Coalition for Education (PACE) will work with community in collaborative ways to bring diversity to taxpayers dollars to benefit the children with parental involvement by way of government policies on education and how they can keep up with what is really going on when it comes to Black children and education everyday in every way; therefore,  after much consultation and revelation, I have come to believe that the fight for what is right in reference to the initial mission of PACE, Parent Action Coalition for Education and then PACE NEWS, the award-winning legal newspaper of general circulation in the city and county of Los Angeles since 1995, I respectfully, under advisement and the belief in real independence from the vast limitations which, if I would to proceed, would hinder the greater power, which are the people’s voice and value to act independent of interest groups that too often leave out the most defect and the most disrespected people when it comes to ethnic racial group, which are Black people, thus LAUSD, our children.  As a woman of God who, I believe, created all people and has chosen all of us for a season and a reason to do what is necessary and to do as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr said,

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

So with that, I say, for me to be the best with the weapon of warfare for our children’s education at LAUSD specifically and in California in general, the pen, newspaper, given by inspiration and provocation to work the work of the anointing to set the captives free from the bondage of relativity instead of creativity. Parent Action Coalition of for Education, (PACE) shall, as registered 501c3 nonprofit, work diligently on behalf of students and parents to ensure the transparency of educational policies that is sorely needed to raise Black children above par in education with the help of volunteers who are parents in all facets of careers and education attainment. PACE will advocate for a more robust parental involvement in creating what is best for our children. Now is the time for all to get involved as taxpayers even those who may not have children who attend LAUSD with Parent Action Coalition for Education (Pace) we are here for you to guide you along the way with tools and workshops on educational policies and information to help you and your children in schools and other educational environments.

Again, thank you for your continued support to move forward in a new day and in a new way.

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

The Southern Truth



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  1. Ian Fox on November 27, 2023 at 10:09 pm

    I support your efforts 100percent I am currently continuing my Film Studies and am prepared to develop projects to uplift our Community

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