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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Publisher’s Column

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, Founder & CEO, PACE NEWS


The Awakening

of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Readers,

As we approach the celebrations of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is essential that we take the time to reflect on the significance of this day and why we honor his memory. Dr. King’s dream, which he passionately shared with the world, served as a rallying cry for justice, equality, and freedom. However, it is crucial to delve deeper into the reasons behind the commemoration of this remarkable man and his unwavering dedication to his people.

Dr. King’s dream was not merely a pleasant reverie; it was a powerful call to action. He recognized that his people were trapped in a perpetual cycle of suffering, enduring poverty and economic hardships. He bravely woke up from the dream, realizing that the illusion of a better future could no longer suffice. The dream demanded tangible change, and Dr. King understood that this change would come at a cost.

Unfortunately, Dr. King’s awakening threatened the status quo and those who benefited from it. His refusal to remain in a state of blissful ignorance posed a significant challenge to the forces of oppression and discrimination. It was precisely this awakening that ultimately led to his tragic assassination. By daring to confront the harsh realities faced by his people, Dr. King became a beacon of hope for countless individuals who yearned for justice. Growing up in Mississippi, I personally witnessed the debilitating effects of poverty. I recall the feelings of despair that accompanied receiving a single pair of shoes each year, and the devastating realization that even those would often become worn and torn beyond repair. Poverty of his people afflicted Dr. King deeply, and it fueled his commitment to advocating for those who had endured generations of hardship.

His dream encompassed not only racial equality but also economic empowerment for Black people who had long been marginalized. Dr. King’s vision of economic empowerment and his plans for the Poor People’s March on Washington challenged the existing power structures. This posed a direct threat to those who sought to maintain the status quo. As a result, they silenced him, shooting him down like a dog on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. They attempted to extinguish his message, labelling it as nothing more than a dream, but they failed to realize that it was the waking up from that dream that posed the real danger. For far too long, we have clung to the dream, content with merely embracing its ideals without taking tangible action. But with every passing year, the urgency to confront our reality becomes more apparent. Dr. King’s assassination served as a jarring wake-up call, a reminder that we cannot continue to passively accept the injustices that persist. We must band together and challenge the systemic inequalities that perpetuate oppression. As we commemorate the legacy of Dr. King today, we must consider the true reason behind his awakening. He did not die because he was a dreamer; he died because he dared to awaken from the dream and envision a brighter future. Dr. King’s influential voice had the power to ignite economic empowerment within Black communities. It is our responsibility, as inheritors of his legacy, to heed his call and work towards tangible change.

On this Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us not merely celebrate the dreamer, but instead, let us honor the man who dared to wake up from the dream. Dr. King’s legacy challenges us to confront the stark realities of our world and strive for a society built on justice and equality for all. It is only through this awakening and collective action that we can truly honor the memory of this extraordinary visionary. Happy Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


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