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Inglewood City Clerk, Aisha L. Thompson: A Champion

Inglewood City Clerk, Aisha L. Thompson and staff, Angela, Christine, Destinee and Chieree at a Thanksgiving food distribution at the So-Fi Stadium inside Inglewood.

Inglewood City Clerk, Aisha L. Thompson

By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

The residents of Inglewood have a champion they can depend on when it comes to registering to vote and receiving voter education. Aisha L. Thompson, the Inglewood City Clerk, along with her efficient and effective staff, prioritizes keeping the residents of Inglewood informed and educated about the activities taking place in the City Clerk’s office.

Thompson is not only dedicated to her role as the City Clerk but also actively participates in community events. She is a pillar in the community and goes above and beyond to connect with residents. Thompson’s commitment to serving her community is evident through her involvement in various events, such as the Black History Celebration, visiting local Inglewood High Schools, hosting podcast segments titled “Let’s Chat,” Women’s Rock Empowerment Summit, National Voter Registration Day, and many more. The Office of the Inglewood City Clerk provides a range of services to the community. These services include handling public records requests and claims, processing agreements, managing the publication needs for most City Hall departments, and accepting summons and subpoenas.

Thompson’s dedication is not limited to her current responsibilities; she has set ambitious goals for the future. Her plans for 2024 include updating the Public Records Request process and Agenda Management to enhance the efficiency of City Council Meetings. Residents can expect more exciting information and resources from the Office of the Inglewood City Clerk in the coming years. Thompson’s commitment to connecting with the community and spreading awareness about the services her office provides ensures that the residents of Inglewood are well-informed and have access to the resources they need. Thompson’s efforts in aiding residents with registering to vote and providing voter education are commendable. She recognizes the importance of civic engagement and strives to empower the residents of Inglewood to exercise their right to vote.


Inglewood City Clerk, Aisha L. Thompson (Center) with staff members, Angela, Christine, Destinee and Chieree.
Photo courtesy Inglewood City Clerks Office

By making voter education a priority, Thompson ensures that residents have the necessary knowledge and resources to make informed decisions during elections. The efficient and effective staff at the City Clerk’s office further enhances the services provided to the residents of Inglewood. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the community contributes to the overall success of the office. As Inglewood continues to thrive, the Office of the Inglewood City Clerk remains steadfast in its efforts to support the community. With Aisha L. Thompson at the helm, residents can have confidence in the commitment, dedication, and accessibility of their City Clerk. The future looks bright with the ongoing efforts and initiatives of the Office of the Inglewood City Clerk to connect with the community and provide valuable services to the residents of Inglewood.

Aisha L. Thompson, Inglewood City Clerk (Center) with staff members, Angela, Christine, Destinee and Chieree.




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